Wearing a CGM is eye opening. You hear how stress and poor sleep negatively impact your blood sugar. But seeing that in action really inspires behavioral change. 

Selena Yeager, Author & Athlete
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Experiment with eating windows, workout regimens, and macronutrient balance. NutriSense arms you with the tools to understand what makes your body tick and make changes that work for you.
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The NutriSense App

After you join the NutriSense app is free to use forever, even if you decide to cancel, so you won't lose access to your data. Track all aspects of your lifestyle in one place:
  • Real-Time Glucose Tracking
  • Meal Composition Data
  • Fasting and Meal Timing
  • Physical Activity and Exercise Routines
  • Stress and Sleep
  • Habits and Routines
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Our Team of Expert Dietitians

All plans include complimentary dietitian support for the first month.
Data can be tricky. That’s why trained experts can work through it with you, ensuring you understand the results and can optimize your glucose to meet your health goals.

Our trained dietitians can support any dietary lifestyle you follow.

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