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Nutrisense App

At Nutrisense, you're welcomed into an ecosystem that helps you tailor your wellness goals to your unique needs.

When you sign up, you get access to one-on-one support from a personal, credentialed nutritionist and insights into your body's data using continuous glucose monitoring technology.

You also get lifetime access to the Nutrisense app, where you can:

  • Discover new insights into your blood glucose to see how it impacts various diet and lifestyle factors.
  • Sync your data with other apps or smart watches so you can track micro changes to encourage everything from better sleep to lower stress levels.
  • Get a more complete picture of your well-being so you have the knowledge you need to reach your wellness goals, whatever they may be.

More than a CGM app

The Nutrisense app syncs with a continuous glucose monitor, a minimally-invasive device you wear on the back of your arm. The CGM tracks your blood glucose levels 24/7, and when you link it to an app or receiver, you get a real-time view of how your diet and lifestyle habits impact your body.

With the Nutrisense app, you’ll have a convenient way to view and store this CGM data, but that's not all you get! You can also track food intake, and sync other activities and wearables.

Woman wearing CGM scanning nutrition label

Track your food intake,
including calories, macronutrients,
and input custom meal ingredients

A woman sleeping wearing a green t-shirt with her head on top of bent left hand with a Nutrisense cgm sensor.

Sync your sleep
and activity levels

Communicate with an
expert nutritionist

The first self-guided, in-app learning program. It provides additional tools and support to help you learn more about continuous glucose monitoring and how to use it to support your health journey.

In-app course:

Expert Nutritionist Support

With Nutrisense, you'll have personal nutritionist support at your fingertips

Working with the graphs you see in the app, your nutritionist can help translate all the insights from your CGM data into digestible information. This guidance can help elevate your lifestyle and nutrition habits—so you can ensure they're tailored to your unique needs.

With expert nutritionist access, you can take a deeper look at how your lifestyle habits impact blood sugar levels and overall wellness.

Explore the underlying reasons for your weight struggles, beat fatigue, find game-changing ways to elevate your nutrition, stress less, or target fitness goals suited to your unique needs.

You’ll also be able to follow your body's data to focus on healthy, sustainable lifestyle habits. And the Nutrisense app can support you every step of the way as you build this customized roadmap to success. Your first month of nutritionist access is included in your plan. After this, you can opt for paid add-ons to extend this support for the duration of your health journey.

Nutrisense App Features & Benefits

While you can sync a CGM with any receiver, a CGM app can provide some particularly useful benefits:

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You get easy, 24/7 access to your body’s unique data.

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You can observe trends and patterns in your glucose over a longer time.

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The apps may sync with other health apps, wearables and trackers to give you a complete picture of your well-being

The Nutrisense App
Nutrisense App Screen
Nutrisense App Screen
Nutrisense App Screen
Nutrisense App Screen

In the Nutrisense app, for example, you’ll be able to view:

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A Glucose Chart and a full breakdown of your glucose analytics, with daily and custom ranges.

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A Meal Score for Each Meal, plus data on your peak, exposure, stability, and recovery levels.

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A Macronutrient Breakdown of each meal you log into the app.

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An Insights feature where you can analyze your glucose metrics, nutrition data, and daily activity in one place.

Viewing glucose data with a CGM is always a helpful way to see the real impact of various lifestyle factors on your body. But the Nutrisense app’s unique features make it more than just a CGM app.

Here's why:

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Your expert nutritionist can use the data to help tailor their support, so you get personalized guidance and knowledge from a credentialed expert.

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You have the ability to log daily meal intake, activity levels, and track the impact of specific meal ingredients and lifestyle habits. This helps you observe real-time effects on your glucose levels and other lifestyle factors you might be tracking alongside.

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With easy nutrient tracking, you can learn how the types, amounts, and timing of the foods you consume affect your body.

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Integrations and syncing with wearable devices like smartwatches and other health apps give you a more complete view of your wellness.

Nutrisense member smiling
Nutrisense Reviews

Nutrisense App Reviews

We could keep listing the benefits of the Nutrisense app, but don’t take our word for it! Take a look at what our members have to say about their experience using Nutrisense.

“Because of its easy app, the nutritionist support, Nutrisense was the much-preferred option over all the competition. So, I signed up for the three-month plan.”

“I loved the accountability that this program provided me with. I also loved the Nutrisense app. It functioned seamlessly, the chat feature was fantastic, and it was super easy to navigate. The entire experience was so eye-opening; I loved it.”

“With the sensor, the Nutrisense app, and the nutritionist support, I could better understand what was going on in my body.”

“I used to “think” that a banana or carrot wasn’t the issue, and, of course, they weren’t, but now I can really see how my glucose spikes with certain foods. I can experiment with eating a protein or a salad with a vinegar dressing before having a starch. The app has a graph that shows exactly what happens!”

— Jessica E

Download the Nutrisense App

Nutrisense app
for iOS & Android

The Nutrisense app is free to download and available on both iOS and Android under the Health and Fitness category.

Click here to download the Nutrisense app on the App Store on iOS and on Google Play on Android:

Apple App Store BadgeGoogle Play Badge
Syncing with Other Apps

One of the advantages of using the Nutrisense app is that you can sync it with other apps, including:

Apple Health Kit

Apple Health Kit



Keto Mojo

Keto Mojo

Samsung watch / Google Fit

Google Fit

Oura Ring

Oura Ring



To sync the data from another app with the Nutrisense app you may follow this instruction:

Open the Nutrisense app and click on the three horizontal bars in the top left corner.

Click on Settings and then Integrations.

From the integrations menu, swipe right on the app you want to sync with the Nutrisense app.

Your questions

Still have questions? Here are some answers to a few of the most frequently asked questions.

What is a CGM App?

A continuous glucose monitor measures interstitial glucose levels to provide reliable and accurate glucose readings that can be used to make healthy lifestyle changes. For best results, make sure to use a non-expired CGM, insert the sensor in the correct location as specified in the directions you receive, scan the sensor within the specified time frame (once at activation if you're using a Bluetooth-enabled sensor like the Dexcom G7*, and every 8 hours if you're using a manual sensor like the FreeStyle Libre), and ensure to calibrate your sensor correctly if needed.

*requires research opt-in

Does Nutrisense Have an App?

Yes! The Nutrisense app is free to download on iOS and Android devices, on the App Store and Google Play. The app makes it easy for anyone to reach their wellness goal using CGM insights and expert nutritionist support.With the Nutrisense app, you get an in-depth view of your body's data. You can also track everything from macronutrients and activity levels to sleep and sync data from other health apps to better understand your glucose response.

*Disclaimer: The Nutrisense program is not intended to diagnose, cure or prevent any conditions such as diabetes.