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Use a CGM to track

Wearable CGM

Over 30 percent of Americans use some type of wearable watch or health device to see how lifestyle factors impact overall wellness. Connectivity is easier than ever, and with new technology, you can now stay connected to the data from your own body!

One way to do this is with a wearable CGM device, or continuous glucose monitor—a small sensor that measures your blood sugar levels.

You can apply this biosensor to the back of your arm, and view your glucose data in real time to learn more about its impact on your body and wellness goals.

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Syncing your CGM and smartwatch data in one place can help paint a bigger picture of your overall well-being.

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With its real-time view into how your diet and lifestyle impact your glucose levels, a CGM helps you get valuable wellness insights from your body's data.

From food choices to sleep quality and activity levels to daily stress, many lifestyle factors can affect blood sugar levels. Tracking the trends and patterns in your data helps you understand more about the impact of these lifestyle factors on your glucose and overall wellness.

Luckily, there are apps like the Nutrisense app that help you track these deeper insights. While there's not currently a watch that measures blood sugar available, connecting wearable devices and biosensors (like a CGM), to the Nutrisense app allows you to have all your body’s data in one place.

You can use your body’s data to improve your well-being by connecting these wearable devices with the Nutrisense app:

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CGM & Apple Watch

If you’re an Apple watch user, you can connect your watch to the Nutrisense app to Apple Health Kit and sync information about your sleep, exercise, heart rate, weight, and other metrics into the Nutrisense app.

With more data around your daily activities being synced from your Apple watch and CGM into the Nutrisense app, it will be easier to spot trends and see what might be causing big spikes or drops in your glucose levels.

You can view how many hours you slept each night, what workouts you completed, and view how your blood sugar responded in real-time with this blood sugar watch connection.

CGM & Google Fit / Samsung Watch

Have a Samsung watch or use another device integrated with Google Fit? You can pair it with the Nutrisense app to view your nutrition, blood sugar levels, exercise, meditation, sleep, and even daily steps.

Similar to Health Kit, Google Fit collects your health and wellness data through your wearable device or smartwatch. Pairing your smart watch with a glucose monitor gives you the ability to take a deeper look at how your daily habits may impact your well-being.

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Experiment with....eating windows, workout regimens, & macronutrient balance.
Nutrisense.... arms.... you with the tools to understand what makes your body tick and make changes that work

The Nutrisense app makes it easy to record and view your body's data in one place, so living a healthier lifestyle is more attainable than ever

CGM and Oura Ring

CGM & Oura Ring

As an Oura Ring user, you can connect your ring to the Nutrisense app to bring your sleep, steps, and cycling distance data into one central hub.

More data about your lifestyle habits can make it easier to spot trends in your blood sugar levels. Oura’s heart rate variability feature is currently the only data field you can't sync with the Nutrisense app.

CGM & Fitbit

Fitbit users can connect their device to Nutrisense to get a better picture of how exercise, sleep, weight, and other metrics may map onto their blood sugar levels.

You’ll be able to see your daily Fitbit activities and sleep right inside Nutrisense’s glucose graph. With these blood sugar and smart watch insights, you can make more informed decisions about your lifestyle habits and activity levels.

CGM and Fitbit
CGM and Garmin

CGM & Garmin

You can also connect your Garmin watch to the Nutrisense app. This allows you to sync your exercise and sleep data and view it along with the glucose insights provided by your CGM.

With your daily activities logged in the Nutrisense app, you can view what might be causing significant fluctuations in your glucose levels. With this smart watch and glucose monitoring data, you can also determine if you’re properly fueling your body for your activity levels to optimize your recovery after workouts.

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