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CGM Reviews

What makes the Nutrisense program right for you? Here’s what members had to say about their experience with Nutrisense.

Program Enrollment
and Nutritionist Support

“The level of support and feedback from my very own RD provided the motivation I needed to take my nutritional and weight loss goals to the next level…I highly recommend giving it a try!”

— Mary L.

Why the Cost is Worth It

“I think the Nutrisense CGM Program is a great value for what you're getting. Especially since you can also talk to a dietitian while using the service… When you add in the support, the app, everything that Nutrisense offers… it’s such a good value.”

Results and Progress

"Even though I was already knowledgeable about wellness, my journey with the Nutrisense program taught me much more than I would have learned without it."

— Abbie H.

CGM Results

A CGM (or continuous glucose monitor) is a device that allows you to view your glucose levels in real time. This data is transmitted from the sensor or transmitter and sent to a receiver or an app (like the Nutrisense app) where you can view glucose readings throughout the day.

From these readings, you can spot trends in your glucose levels and pinpoint the patterns in your lifestyle habits that may affect them.

Why pay attention to your glucose levels? It’s a great way to get a better overall view of how your body functions. It can also help you set new wellness goals, and build healthier, more sustainable lifestyle habits.

Navigating the insights from the CGM data and setting a plan to reach your goals can seem overwhelming. But Nutrisense can help make the most of its benefits, with one-on-one support from an expert nutritionist to help you decode the data and support your wellness goals.

The first self-guided, in-app learning program. It provides additional tools and support to help you learn more about continuous glucose monitoring and how to use it to support your health journey.

In-app course:


Experiment with....eating windows, workout regimens, & macronutrient balance.
Nutrisense.... arms.... you with the tools to understand what makes your body tick and make changes that work

Nutrisense pairs you with 1:1 support from a nutritionist to help you decode the data and use it to support your wellness goals


CGM Results

CGM Data Charts

The CGM data chart in your app is automatically updated each time you scan your sensor and shows recent changes in your glucose curve.

This CGM chart allows you to see how your levels fluctuate and the exact glucose score for each meal and activity you log inside the app.

Detailed chart of Nutrisense cgm results.

CGM Results

Use a CGM to track

A CGM chart may have different elements depending on your chosen provider. The Nutrisense app displays metrics such as the area under the curve (AUC), delta, time in range, peak, and recovery levels.

*These additional metrics provide valuable information for those who want to optimize their blood sugar levels as part of a healthy lifestyle.


Want to learn more
about your data but don't know where to start?
We've got you covered with access to one-on-one nutritionist support

CGM Accuracy

& Reliability

So, how accurate are CGMs? First, it’s important to understand how a CGM works.

Nutrisense member cutting vegetables

How a CGM works

Continuous glucose monitor accuracy can differ from other glucose tests and devices (like glucose meters) because they measure interstitial glucose levels (as opposed to blood glucose levels).

Interstitial glucose can take a little longer to diffuse and may be impacted by additional variables, so the accuracy of CGM readings can vary slightly from other tests.

While the accuracy of CGMs vs. finger sticks varies, CGM values are highly reliable when the technology is used correctly. For example, while the absolute value may vary at baseline compared to a gold-standard reference fasting glucose lab value, the most important thing to consider while using a CGM is the relative change in patterns and trends over time.

Other factors that may influence
the effectiveness of a CGM include:


A Nutrisense member show how to use applicator under his left upper hand.
Inserting the sensor in the correct location
(on the back of your arm)


A Nutrisense member show how to connect the CGM sensor with a mobile phone while place the mobile phone close to the CGM sensor
Scanning the sensor within the specified time frame


Calibrating your sensor correctly in the app
products available in

Calibrating Your
CGM Device

Use a CGM to track

It's a good idea to verify the calibration of your CGM device. You can do this with a reference fasting glucose lab value or finger-stick glucometer reading taken while fasting since this is when your glucose levels may be more stable. This can increase the accuracy and effectiveness of CGM readings.

With the Nutrisense CGM program, you can discuss these CGM readings with an expert nutritionist. Your nutritionist can help break all the data down into easy-to-understand insights.

You can then use these insights to incorporate micro changes in your lifestyle and dietary habits as you work towards your wellness goals.


Combining continuous glucose monitoring technology with personalized nutritionist guidance can
help you learn what works
for your body

CGM Program

Success Stories

Amanda Seitz on Using
the Nutrisense CGM
Program for Optimal

“My CGM experience was incredibly eye-opening. My top three takeaways are:
1. How quality sleep (or lack thereof) impacts blood glucose levels the following day.
2. How weightlifting specifically has a significant impact on blood glucose levels.
3. How stress, like a stressful meeting at work, impacts my blood glucose levels.”

Nutrisense customer named Amanda Seitz standing upright with her smiley face.
A Nutrisense member called John Shackleton standing with his front view side looking straight ahead.

John Shackleton on Using
the CGM to Make Smarter
Dietary Choices

“One takeaway from the CGM program was that although I thought I was in tune with my diet, I found there were quite a few habits I could identify that needed improvement if I wanted to optimize my health for the long term.

There really are no shortcuts to health. You just get more educated through the journey, which allows you to make smarter decisions.”

Charlotte LaGuardia
on Experimenting with
a CGM to Learn about

“I think using a CGM provides more than accountability; it’s information! These data points and experiments help us learn about our bio-individuality, which helps us make more informed decisions in the future.”

Nutrisense customer named Charlotte Laguardia standing upright with her smiley face holding a plant with both hands.

Your questions

Still have questions? Here are some answers to a few of the most frequently asked questions.

Are CGM Devices Accurate?
A curved arrow facing bottom

A continuous glucose monitor measures interstitial glucose levels to provide reliable and accurate glucose readings that can be used to make healthy lifestyle changes. There are several continuous glucose monitor manufacturers on the market, but industry ratings have named the FreeStyle Libre and Dexcom G7 CGM sensors as the most accurate and reliable devices for blood sugar monitoring. Nutrisense supplies members with the FreeStyle Libre CGM device as part of the CGM program. For best results, make sure to use a non-expired CGM, insert the sensor in the correct location (at the back of your arm), scan the sensor within the specified time frame, and ensure to calibrate your sensor correctly.

How Do You Analyze CGM Data?
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CGM data provides real-time glucose readings that allow you to view the impact of your dietary choices and daily activities on your blood sugar levels. But how does it work? When you scan your CGM, it transmits data to an app where you can take a closer look at your results.As a Nutrisense member, you can also access expert nutritionist support to help you improve your lifestyle habits and reach your wellness goals.

*Disclaimer: The Nutrisense program is not intended to diagnose, cure or prevent any conditions such as diabetes.