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We’re on a mission to help our members    discover and reach their health potential through powerful    data, actionable insights, and accountability.

Follow your body's data to live a healthier lifestyle.

The missing piece in your journey to understanding your metabolism.

Each member journey is unique.
We're here to guide you on yours.

Improved Fueling
Peak Performance
Better Sleep
Weight Loss
Stress Management
Increased Energy
Nutrition Insights
Gut Health
Hormonal Balance
Menopause Care

We believe in building sustainable habits. If you're not enjoying what you're doing then it's not going to last.

Our values


We support the personal and varied needs of our members, acknowledging that each and every health journey is unique.


We help our members arrive at ‘aha’ moments of discovery through a balance of data-driven insights and professional expertise.


We help our members understand complex health & wellness topics and translate their data into actionable insights.


We strive to make every member's story a success story and value the feedback we receive from our members.


We give our members tools and information to identify red flags, adopt new habits and improve their lives.

In 2019, Alex, Kara, and Dan founded Nutrisense, disrupting the traditional
health space with a preventative approach.

Alex Skryl

Alex Skryl

Chief Executive Officer
Kara Collier

Kara Collier

VP of Health
Dan Zavorotny

Dan Zavorotny

Chief Operating Officer
We strive to make every
story a success story.

Become the author of your success story