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How to Get a CGM Without Diabetes

At a time when people are beginning to focus more on wellness, a CGM can be an important tool to help you get a clearer picture of your overall well-being. The device supports your health journey no matter what your goals are, as it allows you to understand how your body responds to various food and lifestyle factors. 

With all the potential dietary and healthy lifestyle benefits of continuous glucose monitoring, you may be wondering how to get a CGM. In the United States, a CGM typically requires a medical prescription.

It’s possible to get a continuous glucose monitor without diabetes through a CGM program subscription.

CGM programs, like the one offered by Nutrisense, help support a healthy lifestyle by offering access to CGMs as part of their subscriptions.

Using a CGM to learn more about how various lifestyle factors impact your overall wellness can help give you valuable insights into:

  • Weight management
  • Fueling your body for its unique needs
  • Making healthy lifestyle changes
  • Engaging with your glucose levels to see how they impact diet and lifestyle

With Nutrisense, you get:

  • A CGM Program subscription
  • Real-time glucose insights
  • Access to the Nutrisense app where you can view your data
  • The option to work 1:1 with a nutritionist through various support options
  • The ability to track your nutrient intake, sleep patterns, stress, and activities
  • Access to a members only community

Non-Diabetic Reasons For Continuous
Glucose Monitoring

With new advances in CGM technology, these biosensors can have a number of uses as part of a healthy lifestyle. As Dr. Payam Vahedifar, M.D., physician, and pain management specialist explains, "With these measurements, you can find out exactly what works for you in terms of exercise and diet and customize your lifestyle to suit your needs for optimal health."

Here are some ways continuous glucose monitoring for non-diabetics can be effective for a variety of wellness goals:

Meeting a Weight Loss Goal

  • Optimize your diet for better hormonal responses
  • Understand how your body uses energy
  • Understand how glucose levels may impact metabolic health
  • See how stress, sleep, and exercise can affect your weight loss goals

Improving Athletic Performance

  • Prevent overtraining to minimize injury risk
  • Support your athletic performance
  • Learn how to properly fuel your body for training
  • Recover more effectively from your workouts

Understanding Your Unique Body

  • Learn how you can improve sleep quality & support stable energy levels
  • See how daily habits may impact your overall well-being
  • Create healthier dietary & lifestyle habits
  • Use glucose insights to experiment with different dietary and lifestyle approaches

*Disclaimer: The Nutrisense program is not intended to diagnose, cure or prevent any conditions such as diabetes. This program is not a suitable treatment option for people with type 1 diabetes.

A woman stretches her left shoulder wearing Nutrisense CGM tracking device on her upper left hand available in

Benefits of Continuous Glucose Monitoring Even Without Diabetes

Learn About Your Body

Imagine having access to deeper insights into how your body works, with the ability to see how you react to the foods you eat with a simple swipe. That’s what you get when you use a continuous glucose monitor.

Wearing a CGM lets you view your glucose levels in real-time via a small, minimally-invasive biosensor. All you have to do is apply the sensor to the back of your arm and scan it using your smartphone to monitor your body’s glucose trends throughout the day.

When you have access to a CGM as part of your wellness ecosystem, you can get immediate feedback on your body's data and learn how various lifestyle factors impact your overall well-being.

  • Observe your glucose levels in real time
  • Get immediate feedback to see how your body reacts to your daily activities
  • Learn how your diet, sleep, stress, and exercise habits impact overall wellness
  • Make changes to build healthier, more sustainable lifestyle habits.

Every Body is Unique

Bio-individuality recognizes that each person’s body is unique, and what works for one person may not always be suitable for someone else.

The real-time insights from a continuous glucose monitor make it possible to take a closer look at your individual wellness.You can start making healthier choices, build sustainable habits, and set yourself up for success in the long-term.

CGM vs. Other Methods

Continuous glucose monitors are easy to use, and help you spot trends and patterns in your glucose levels, so you can adjust your lifestyle accordingly to meet a variety of wellness goals.

Here are five additional methods that can help you take a closer look at your blood sugar levels:

  • Finger prick test (Glucometer)
  • A1C test
  • Fasting glucose test
  • Oral glucose tolerance test (OGTT)
  • Continuous glucose monitor (CGM)

Most methods of measuring glucose levels involve collecting a small blood sample to provide a blood sugar reading for a given moment. Unlike other methods, the CGM sensor stays on your arm for several days, so you can measures glucose in real time.

You can view your CGM data in an app like the Nutrisense app to observe trends, get immediate feedback, and learn how your lifestyle habits may affect your well-being.

Your questions

Still have questions? Here are some answers to a few of the most frequently asked questions.

Can I Get a Continuous Glucose Monitor Without a Prescription?
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In the United States, it’s not currently possible to purchase CGMs over the counter without a prescription. Glucose monitors without a prescription aren’t easily accessible, but there are other ways to access these sensors. Continuous glucose monitoring without a prescription can be accessed through a wellness program such as Nutrisense. You do not need a CGM prescription ready beforehand to get access to the Nutrisense CGM program. If eligible, Nutrisense's physician network handles the prescription for you, so there’s no need to visit a practitioner face-to-face if your goal is to use a CGM as part of a healthy lifestyle.

Can I Get a Continuous Glucose Monitor Without Diabetes?
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Yes, it's possible to get a continuous glucose monitor even if you do not have diabetes. Getting a continuous glucose monitor without a prescription is typically not possible, but the Nutrisense CGM program provides access to a CGM for people who meet the eligibility criteria.You also get access to nutritionist support and a mobile app to scan, view, and collect your data in one place.

What is the Best CGM for Non-Diabetics?
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Continuous glucose monitors are suitable for non-diabetic individuals, no matter what their specific wellness goals may be. As the provider of the best continuous glucose monitor for non-diabetes, Nutrisense helps you take a deeper look into your health and wellness.The Nutrisense program gives eligible members access to a CGM without a prescription, as we take care of the prescription for you with the help of our partner physician network.

Why Should Non-Diabetics Use a CGM?
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Monitoring blood sugar for non-diabetics can be beneficial for a number of reasons. With a CGM, you can get insight into how your diet, exercise, sleep, and stress levels are affecting your glucose levels, and overall metabolic health. You can also reverse prediabetes with the help of these insights, so you can prevent or delay the onset conditions like diabetes.

These insights can help you to create sustainable and healthy lifestyle habits, take control of your health, and learn what works for your unique body.With a health program like Nutrisense, you can access a continuous glucose monitor with no prescription. Learn more about the benefits of CGMs for overall health here.

*Disclaimer: The Nutrisense program is not intended to diagnose, cure or prevent any conditions such as diabetes.