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Summer Sale: Save $150 on a CGM Program
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Subjective Well-Being Survey Method

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December 13, 2023

Nutrisense conducted a study of self-reported well-being by surveying active Nutrisense members. The survey was designed to assess subjective attitudes about mindset, dietary  lifestyle habits, sleeping habits, and other aspects of the individual’s well-being that may have changed since participating in the Nutrisense program. Some questions asked participants to note any changes they may have observed while using Nutrisense, while other questions asked participants to directly attribute those changes to the Nutrisense program.

Data collection took place during the months of November and December, 2023. Nutrisense members were invited to fill out the survey if they met specific selection criteria around recent app engagement and total months using Nutrisense services.

Outreach included two email messages, and two in-app text messages asking for survey participation. In total, over 4700 members were invited to participate, and 535 (~11%) completed the survey.

This study has two key limitations:

  1. It relies on self-reported measures of mindset and behavior change. These may or may not be accurate to actual individual behavior and attitudes.
  2. The survey questions were not designed to establish causality between the Nutrisense program and certain outcomes. While it is, for instance, probable that individuals who report feeling more in control of their eating habits while using Nutrisense experience this benefit directly due to the services and products being offered, we cannot definitively claim this to be the case on the basis of the findings of this study.

First week
End of first month
End of second month
End of third month
-0.2 %
-1.12 %
-1.54 %
-1.8 %
-0.51 to -2.07 %
-2.33 to -6.6 %
-3.25 to -10.11 %
-3.86 to -13.21 %
-0.01 to -2.07 %
-0.93 to -6.6 %
-1.13 to -10.11 %
-1.2 to -13.21 %
0 to -2.07 %
-0.18 to -6.6 %
-0.08 to -10.11 %
0 to -13.21 %
-0.94 to -3.82 lbs
-4.31 to -12.19 lbs
-6.01 to -18.67 lbs
-7.13 to -24.42 lbs
-0.02 to -3.82 lbs
-1.73 to -12.19 lbs
-2.08 to -18.67 lbs
-2.22 to -24.42 lbs
0 to -3.82 lbs
-0.33 to -12.19 lbs
-0.15 to -18.67 lbs
0 to -24.42 lbs
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