Follow your body's data to live healthier

When you join NutriSense, you'll receive a continuous glucose monitor (CGM) that tracks your glucose 24/7. Our program offers expert guidance to help you interpret that data to reach your full health potential.

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What does my CGM show?

Your CGM shows your glucose levels. The NutriSense app lets you track your daily activity to see how food, sleep, exercise, and stress impact your glucose.

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Understand your data with dietitian support

The NutriSense CGM program comes with helpful advice from a Registered Dietitian, free for one full month. These nutrition experts work with you to find your ideal personalized diet, provide accountability, help you decode your data, and show you how to understand what your glucose numbers really mean.

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Work with your dietitian to

1. Experiment with diets and responses to food
2. Discover meal options that fit your metabolism
3. Learn to interpret what your body’s data is telling you
4. Create healthy habits and lifestyle changes that stick

How it works

1. Choose Your Program
Complete our short sign up form, and select a program that fits your needs.
2. Complete Health Questionnaire
Submit your health questionnaire to determine if you qualify.
3. Receive Sensors in the Mail
We will ship you two 14-day sensors every month.
4. Put on Your Sensor
The glucose sensor is easy and pain-free to apply.
5. Begin Your Health Optimization Journey
Download our app and say hello to your personal dietitians! Our experts are trained to support all dietary types.
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