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Nutrisense in the News

Reviews of Nutrisense in leading health publications

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Rated 4.5 from 2.6k reviews

Nutrisense Reviews on the App Store

A Great First Impression: Reviews on Nutrisense

Rated 4.6 from over 250 reviews

Trustpilot Reviews

From first impressions to long-term results: user reviews and ratings of Nutrisense reveal thousands of happy members

Gloria L

A powerful tool that has given me information to make informed decisions about the choices I make to optimize my health.

Abby Lyn

I have been so blessed by Nutrisense and being able to monitor how my sugars are doing and what is effecting them. It has helped me to stay steady with getting my health in line. I have been very encouraged by my Nutrisense nutritionists. I am grateful for their help and suggestions for continued improvement. I am also thankful for the modules that are provided for learning and tips to succeed.

Campus WheelWorks

Nutrisense's CGM experience exceeded my expectations. The CGM monitor worked great, the software has a great UI, the tracking data provided invaluable information, the education materials were outstanding, and the support from the nutritionist was amazing. I learned a great deal about how my nutrition affects my training programs - a great overall tool.

Laure Zayas

The CGM program at Nutisense really gave me the opportunity to see how my body was responding to the foods I ate. I would highly recommend the program. The customer service and nutritionists were all wonderful to work with - each one of them went above & beyond to help me and they were all very kind and professional.


I have tried all the apps out there but much prefer the Nutrisense experience - great nutritional support and super easy to use app.

Courtney Hays

What an eye-opening experience of seeing exactly how the foods I eat, my stress levels, and sleep impact me! Definitely helps me consider making lifestyle changes to improve my glucose levels. Madison, my nutritionist was especially helpful!

Kiran Chitraju

Great product. Its really helped me understand how my body reacts to food. I have lost 22 pounds just by making changes to my diet based on feedback from NutriSense. Highly recommended product.

Debra Zyla

My experience with Nutrisense and my nutritionist Christina were amazing! The program was so helpful and I chose to continue nutritionist support from Christina throughout my 6 month journey. She was incredibly responsive, supportive and went above and beyond to help me as I moved through each month. She helped me to understand and dig deeper as I learned more about my glucose responses and how my personal health and food choices affect me. I highly recommend Christina and the Nutrisense program!

More Success Stories from Nutrisense Members

Nutrisense reviews for weight loss, better lifestyle and diet choices, more energy, less stress and more. Our members explain the benefits along their health journey.

Stuart Tutler

Stuart Tutler

I think the Nutrisense CGM program is a great value for what you're getting. Especially since you can also talk to a dietitian while using the service.

Meredith Standridge

Meredith Standridge

I knew I wanted to keep using the CGM because when I didn’t have it, I missed it! . . . the 12 months is like a yearly gym membership.

Amanda Seitz

Amanda Seitz

Just knowing that I had real-time access to witness my blood glucose response would give me the willpower to resist . . . It was fun and definitely helped keep me on track with my goals.

Sara Duffy

Sara Duffy

For me, the best part was having agency again over my health. Being able to visualize and see in real-time what my diet, lifestyle, and exercise habits were doing gave me such a sense of healthy control.