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11 Best Nutrition Tracking Apps of 2024

Natalie Krafft

Published in Nutrition

8 min read

May 13, 2022
January 2, 2024
someone looking at their glucose data in the Nutrisense app
someone looking at their glucose data in the Nutrisense app

Are you wondering what foods you should be eating to add the most nutrition to your diet? Do you want to experiment with ingredients but don't know how to see the way your body responds? If that’s you, a nutrition app may be exactly what you’re looking for.

Eating healthy can be challenging, but apps that track your nutrition can help make it easier. You can find an app to address any dietary or nutrition concern, from inspiration for new recipes to your search for the most nutrient-dense foods

Learn new ways to meet your weight loss goals, find new favorites, try different diets for your specific needs, or log and track what you eat every day by picking from our list of the best nutrition tracker apps of 2024.

1) Nutrisense App

Nutrisense App and a person cooking in the kitchen

The Nutrisense app uses cutting-edge technology to help people monitor and manage their health. The app reads data from a continuous glucose monitor to track your blood sugar levels in real-time, so you can assess how various lifestyle factors, including dietary choices, impact your health.  

Paired with personalized support from a credentialed dietitian or nutritionist, the app helps you make adjustments based on your body's blood glucose reaction to your foods and the diet you follow. It also enables you to track and monitor additional factors like exercise, sleep, stress, and more, which may also affect nutrition.

In addition, the app provides educational resources about nutrition and health so that people can learn more about how to eat a healthy diet.

Unique Features 

  • The Nutrisense app allows users to see real-time blood glucose trends from their food and activity choices.
  • When you sign up for the Nutrisense CGM Program, you'll be paired with a highly qualified dietitian or nutritionist who can help you to understand the data and make lifestyle suggestions based on your nutrition goals. 


  • Meal tracking allows you to see what foods cause energy crashes, blood sugar spikes, food cravings, and more.
  • The Nutrisense app lets you track your daily activity to see how food, sleep, exercise, and stress impact your glucose.
  • It also accurately tracks calories and macros from your meals using the Nutritionix database


  • To get the most out of tracking and recording your data with Nutrisense, a CGM is highly recommended.


2) MyFitnessPal

a man using myfitnesspal

MyFitnessPal is a calorie counting app that boasts the largest nutrition database of any other food tracking platform. With MyFitnessPal, you can log your food, set your macronutrient targets, and track your progress towards reaching your health goals.

Unique Features 

  • MyFitnessPal personalizes your calorie and macro target recommendations based on your weight, activity level, and health goal.
  • You can create your own food items and add the nutrition information if it’s not already in the app’s database.


  • Has the largest nutrition database of any other food tracking app.
  • The barcode scanning option allows you to easily log each meal.
  • You can also create your own recipes in the app and save them for later use.


  • Many features are locked unless you upgrade to the premium version of this app.

3) Noom

a woman using the noom app

Noom is a nutrition app that tracks your diet and lifestyle habits and helps you create healthier habits to reach your weight loss goals. By following the Noom lifestyle, you’ll learn how to eat a healthier diet, reduce stress and set achievable goals when it comes to weight loss.

Noom’s approach to healthy eating is rooted in psychology, and rather than focusing on eliminating certain foods from your diet, the program teaches you which foods may be more suited to helping you reach your weight loss goal

Unique Features 

  • The app prompts users to complete mini-lessons throughout the program to help you stay on track towards reaching your goals.
  • Noom users can chat with a personal coach inside the app to help you stay accountable and motivated.


  • One of Noom’s main focuses is to educate users on their food choices, helping to create healthy long-term habits
  • The app is user-friendly and intuitive, which makes it more easily accessible


  • While Noom offers a free trial to users, you’ll need to pay for a membership in order to continue using the app. The app has an annual price of $159.

4) Fooducate

Fooducate app and a person eating sushi

The Fooducate app is a free iPhone and Android app that gives users nutrition grades for foods based on their content. It also provides tips on making healthier choices and tracks the user's progress over time. 

The app gives each food a grade from A to D based on its nutritional value. Grade A foods are the most nutritious, while grade D foods are the least healthy. 

The app also considers factors such as trans fats, added sugars, and artificial ingredients. In addition to giving food grades, the Fooducate app also provides tips on making healthier choices.  

Unique Features 

  • Foods are given ratings, making it easier to differentiate good and bad choices and form new habits. 
  • The app helps you compare and see similar food products to find a healthier alternative. 


  • The app helps you to track your lifestyle choices over set periods.
  • Fooducate does the calculations of your foods for you. 


  • To add nutrient counts to your logged food requires you to pay for the upgraded version.
  • Grading food may lead to unhealthy approaches to food and nutrition for some. 

5) Lifesum

Lifesum app and a person drinking coffee and looking at their phone

The Lifesum app is a health and wellness tool designed to help users make mindful, healthy choices every day. It focuses on three main areas: calorie tracking, exercise planning, and sleep schedule. 

By taking all of these factors into account, the app helps you to develop balanced and sustainable food habits. Whether you're looking to lose weight or want to make better nutrition choices, Lifesum can help you reach your goals.

Unique Features 

  • Lifesum provides community-based support. 
  • The app includes hydration management.


  • The app’s food diary is easy-to-use. 
  • Lifesum includes healthy recipes in its app for its userbase. 


  • While Lifesum offers a discount initially, the price increases from month to month. 
  • Lifesum doesn’t offer plans for specialized diets you may want to try, like paleo, according to reviews. 

6) 8Fit 

8Fit app and a person doing yoga

8Fit is a comprehensive fitness and nutrition app that gives users everything they need to get in shape and lead a healthy lifestyle. The app starts by asking users about their goals, then creates a personalized plan to help them reach them. 

The plan includes healthy recipes and meal ideas. In addition, it provides expert advice on topics like sleep and stress management. 

8Fit also has a built-in tracker that allows users to track their progress. There is a free version of the app with limited features, or users can upgrade to the premium version to access all the features. 

Unique Features 

  • It’s only $60 per year for personalized workouts. 
  • 8fit encourages different types of fitness and asks if your goal is to lose weight, get fitter, or gain muscle mass.


  • Not only can you choose your workout goals, but 8fit will provide you with a meal plan to match. 
  • 8fit is one of the most personalized fitness apps. 


  • Reviews state that customer service is slow to respond. 
  • Reviews report buggy lags and crashes. 

7) Carb Manager

Carb Manager app and a erson looking at their phone

The Carb Manager app is a powerful tool for anyone looking to manage their daily carbohydrate intake. Whether you follow a specific diet like keto or paleo or want to keep track of your carb consumption, this app can help you control your diet. 

Using advanced formulas and simple-to-use food groupings, the Carb Manager allows you to quickly look up the number of carbohydrates in any food or recipe. 

Additionally, the app offers portion control, meal planning features, and other tools to help optimize your diet and improve your overall health. 

Unique Features 

  • Uniquely friendly app for those on a ketogenic diet or looking to learn about and begin a ketogenic diet.
  • Carb manager has a macro tracking feature. 


  • When you sign up for the premium plan, they send you an e-book about keto and low-carb diets. 
  • The app includes a meal planner. 


  • There are a lot of features that don’t unlock until you upgrade to the paid version. 

8) app and a person standing in the kitchen

The app is a tool that can help people adopt a healthier and more functional diet based on the principles of the paleo lifestyle. This approach focuses on consuming whole, unprocessed foods that are rich in nutrients and naturally good for our bodies. 

The app makes it easy to find reliable information about which foods meet these criteria, allowing users to easily plan out healthy meals and snacks without extensive research or consulting a nutritionist. 

Whether you are trying to lose weight or maintain a healthy lifestyle, the app can help you along your journey to better health and wellbeing. 

Unique Features 

  • It makes it easy for users to manage a paleo diet. 


  • The app is free. 
  • The app helps you learn what foods are paleo-friendly. 


  • Reviews report a lot of grammatical errors in the app. 

9) Lose It!

Lose It! app and a person eating popcorn

The Lose It! app is a health and weight loss program that can help people get in shape through healthy eating and regular exercise. The app allows users to enter their personal information, such as height, current weight, exercise level, the foods they eat, and daily activities. 

Based on this information, the Lose It! app provides customized recommendations for staying on track with your goals and gives you real-time feedback on your progress. 

In addition, the app includes a community of users who can share tips, encouragement, and inspiration as they work toward their health and fitness goals. 

Unique Features 

  • The app allows you to apply personalized macronutrient goals to ensure you’re getting enough protein, carbs, and more.
  • The app has a smart camera that can help you log your food.


  • This app connects to Google Fit and Apple Health. 


  • The app doesn’t provide exercise or activity plans. 
  • The app does not have any meal plans. 

10) Cronometer 

Cronometer app and a person eating pasta

Cronometer is a free app that provides a detailed analysis of the nutrients consumed and the calories they burn through physical activity. Cronometer also allows users to set goals and track their progress over time. 

The app also provides users with detailed information about the nutrients in their food, including calories, fat, protein, and carbohydrates. Cronometer also includes a community feature, which allows users to connect with other people using Cronometer to reach their health goals. 

Unique Features 

  • Cronometer uses the USDA database to provide nutritional information. 


  • The app provides macronutrient breakdowns. 
  • You can link your account to your significant other or fitness buddy’s account. 


  • To link accounts, you have to pay to upgrade the app.

11) Nutritionix

Nutritionix app and a person standing outdoors and looking at their phone

The Nutritionix app is a tool that helps users track and monitor their daily nutrition intake. Using a simple, user-friendly interface, the app makes it easy for people to search for and record the nutritional content of their food. 

Whether you're looking for information about calories, carbohydrates, vitamins, or something else, this powerful tool has everything you need to get accurate and up-to-date data about your diet.

Unique Features 

  • The app uses Freeform, which allows you to speak into the app to record your foods. 
  • The app has a Coach Portal that enables you to let your coach, doctor, or dietitian log in to see your food data. 


  • Nutritionix allows integration with Fitbit and Trak. 
  • The app will enable you to record nutritional information in addition to calories. 
  • The comprehensive Nutritionix database is used in the Nutrisense app to track macros alongside glucose responses to food.


  • Recent reviews report that the app has become buggy over time and doesn’t work as well as it used to. 
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With Nutrisense, you’ll be able to track your blood glucose levels over time using a CGM, so you can make lifestyle choices that support healthy living.

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Cheri Bantilan, MS, RD, CD

Reviewed by: Cheri Bantilan, MS, RD, CD

Cheri is a registered dietitian and Health Co-Ordinator Product Development at Nutrisense, with a Master's degree from the University of Utah in Integrative Physiology and Nutrition. She has a strong interest in functional and integrative nutrition and emphasizes the importance of exploration and using your own body (symptoms, energy, mood, labs, CGM data) to find what your personal optimal is.

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