Webinar + Live Q&A: Nutrisense Program - Uncovering the benefits and requirements

  • Are you wondering what the program entails?
  • How much time, effort, and energy will it take? Is it worth it?
  • Does it fit your individual needs?
  • Confused about all the options out there?
  • Seeking some answers to your unique situation?

Then this webinar is just for you!

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Nutrisense Program - Uncovering the benefits and requirements

Whether you want to lose weight, support your blood sugar levels, or optimize your athletic performance, we want to support you on your journey to get there.

In this 1-hour webinar, we will talk about:

A set of equipment found inside Nutrisense package
What is the Nutrisense program? How does it work?
A woman stretches her left shoulder wearing Nutrisense CGM tracking device on her upper left hand available in nutrisense.io
How does the program help me on my wellness journey?
A man working out and wearing Nutrisense CGM
What resources (time, money, effort) do I need to put into this?
Nutrisense Dietitian Heather Davis
An open Q&A with Nutrisense dietitian Heather Davis.

Heather Davis, MS, RDN, LDN

Heather has worked in the field of healthcare and nutrition for over 15 years, with bachelor's degrees in Microbiology and Philosophy and a master's degree in Nutrition Science. Her professional background includes nutrition and diabetes research, nutrition education, medical writing, and extensive clinical work in a functional neuroendocrine specialty practice. Knowing that no two people are the same and the principle of biochemical individuality rules all, she believes in customized and integrative approaches to metabolic medicine and nutrition therapy that appreciate the complexity and unique needs of each person.

Heather Davis, MS, RDN, LDN

Mariano Coto

Mariano is a Customer Success lead at Nutrisense with 9 years of experience in global ultra-corporations. His passion is coaching, communications and non-profit.

Mariano Coto