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Nutrisense vs. Veri: Choosing the Right CGM Program for You

For many, the path to better health can feel like a maze that weaves through endless choices, ups and downs, and contradictory advice. If you’ve been searching for ways to navigate your own health journey, you’ve probably come across the idea that blood glucose levels are important to monitor for optimal well-being.

Insights from a continuous glucose monitor allow you to view your blood sugar levels in real time and support health goals such as weight loss, improved athletic performance, or even just creating healthier dietary habits. If you're looking for some new insights into how your body works, you may want to consider a CGM program.

But choosing a CGM program that will suit your needs can be tough—you may have questions about what getting started looks like and how continuous glucose monitoring works for non-diabetics

We’ve previously had a look at how Nutrisense stacks up against programs like Levels, January AI, and Signos. Here, we’ll explore another CGM program you may be familiar with, called Veri.

We’ll break down a side-by-side comparison of Nutrisense and Veri and the key features and benefits you’ll receive from each program so you can confidently make the best call for you and your health goals.


What is a CGM?

With a CGM, you can observe real-time glucose responses to lifestyle factors like food, stress, exercise and sleep.

Nutrisense: Beyond Standard Glucose Monitoring

If you’re ready to elevate your health and finally break though that stubborn progress plateau, Nutrisense is the accountability partner you’ve been waiting for.

The Nutrisense program is designed to help anyone discover and achieve their health goals through real-time data, accountability, and actionable insights. Much more than just a CGM program, Nutrisense provides members with 1:1 support from qualified nutritionists and dietitians, access to glucose monitoring technology for deeper wellness insights, and an education hub to help you better understand your unique body.

As a Nutrisense member, here’s what you can expect:

  • Receive two 14-day CGMs monthly throughout the program, or choose the option to bring your own FreeStyle Libre CGM sensors
  • Access to the Nutrisense app to keep track of your real-time CGM data, view blood sugar trends, and log your daily habits

Wondering how this works in practice? Let’s take a deeper look at the main features and benefits of the Nutrisense CGM program.

Key Benefits and Features

No matter what goal or lifestyle change you want to achieve, Nutrisense offers a range of beneficial features that can help you build and maintain healthy habits that can support you in reaching your overall health goals. 

Complete Lifestyle Tracking

  • Nutrisense not only allows you to monitor your blood glucose levels, it also has a meal logging feature so you can keep track of your macronutrient and calorie intake.
  • You can sync other wearable devices (like an Apple watch or Oura ring) or link Apple Health to the Nutrisense app to track workouts, sleep, and other habits all in one place.

Access To Personalized Nutrition Support

  • Nutrisense members have access to complimentary one-on-one, in-app support from our team of expert nutritionists and dietitians
  • As a member, you can also choose to upgrade your level of nutritionist support which includes more frequent check-ins and video calls.

View Trends Over Time

  • The Nutrisense app provides 7-day, 14-day, and 30-day glucose trend reports so that you can view your glucose variability, or how your glucose levels fluctuate over time. You can also track average glucose levels, postprandial response, and more. 
  • These user-friendly reports can help you and your nutritionist craft healthier habits that work toward your overall health and wellness goals. 

Veri Unveiled: A New Age CGM Contender

Veri is another membership-based CGM program that provides access to continuous glucose monitors, personalized lifestyle and meal planning recommendations, and a members-only community to help support your health goals.

Veri members are encouraged to log what they eat within the Veri app to explore which foods best support metabolic health. Within Veri’s app, they also offer personalized data and insights for users to help identify patterns and achieve health goals.

Let’s take a look at some of the key features and benefits Veri has to offer.

Key Offerings and Features

Although Veri's CGM program has similarities to Nutrisense, there are some key differences. Here’s what you’ll get with Veri:

Food and Meal Planning Recommendations

  • Based on the foods you track in the Veri app and how they affect your blood sugar levels, members receive a list of generalized dietary recommendations.
  • Veri's in-app nutrition recommendations focus on more general guidance for people who want to achieve their weight loss goals.

Intuitive, Easy-To-Use App

  • Like Nutrisense, the Veri app allows members to track their glucose levels 24/7 in real-time.
  • Veri also provides users with glucose reports to track positive and negative patterns in blood sugar levels.

Community And Educational Content

  • Through the Veri app, members have access to a plethora of educational content to help keep them motivated and stay on track.
  • Veri members also have access to an exclusive community to connect with like-minded individuals on similar journeys.

Comparing Nutrisense vs. Veri Side by Side



Real-time 24/7 tracking

In-app 1:1 nutritionist support

Number of plans available


Available for purchase in all 50 states

Personalized nutrition recommendations

Access to members-only community

Find out how Nutrisense can help you reach your wellness goals.

Diving Deeper Into Nutrisense

Want to learn more about Nutrisense’s plan options, customer resources, and what else you can find inside the app? Here’s what you need to know.

User Interface and Experience

The Nutrisense app provides 24/7 glucose monitoring to help you understand your blood sugar levels in real time. When you sign up for any Nutrisense plan, you receive instant access to the app, where you can:

  • Discover how lifestyle factors like diet, activity, and sleep are affecting glucose levels over time
  • Sync your data with other wearables to accurately track health information
  • Connect with expert nutritionists for an in-depth analysis of your glucose and personal support to help you implement behavior change 

The Nutrisense app presents users with glucose data that is easy to understand, allowing members to intuitively navigate their way through the app and make healthier lifestyle choices. It is free to download for both iOS and Android.

Customer Resources

Nutrisense stands apart from other programs with unparalleled nutrition support, delivering a personalized and dynamic approach to health. Your nutritionist will work with you 1:1 to help you interpret your body’s data and understand the ins and outs of how your current diet and lifestyle approach is impacting your overall health goals. Through this collaboration, you’ll be able to construct a plan that fits your unique needs.

Plus, members have access to the exclusive Nutrisense community to make connections with like-minded individuals. This is a great space to ask for advice, read about others’ stories, and hold each other accountable along your health journey. 


The cost of Nutrisense’s CGM program varies depending on which plan you choose. Nutrisense currently has four plans for members to choose from.

3-month plan

$299/ per month

6-month plan

$250/ per month

12-month plan

$225/ per month
  • 3-month plan: $299 per month
  • 6-month plan: $250 per month
  • 12-month plan: $225 per month
  • Month-to-month plan: $399 per month

All Nutrisense plans include 2 CGM devices delivered monthly (with free delivery), one month of free nutritionist support, and complete access to the Nutrisense app and a members-only community. 

Members also have the option to bring their own CGM devices and connect them to the Nutrisense app.


Discover Nutrisense Plans

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Breaking Down the Veri Program

What else can you expect as a Veri member? Here’s what to consider, plus some important limitations to keep in mind.

User Interface and Experience

One of Veri’s unique features is the amount of educational content available for members within their app. Data in the app is presented in a way that makes it easy for users to understand their blood glucose levels. The Veri app is fairly simple and easy to use.

Rather than pair users with personal insights from expert nutritionists, Veri provides its users with an ongoing list of generalized recommended foods based on previous blood sugar fluctuations. This may unfortunately miss much of the important nuanced interpretation of the data. 

Customer Resources

All Veri members have access to an exclusive community where they can connect with one another, receive valuable insights, and keep motivated on their health journey. Some of the resources provided within the Veri community include recipe ideas, community support, coaching, and an “Ask the Dietitian” forum. 


Veri offers members three types of plan options for purchasing their services. It’s important to note that Veri is based in Europe, and while it’s accessible in most EU countries, it’s only available for purchase in select U.S. states.

  • 4-month plan: Starts at $139/mo (Includes 4 sensors and a limit of 56 days of intermittent tracking)
  • Month-to-month plan: Starts at $299/mo (Includes two sensors every month)
  • App only option: Starts at $39/mo (Includes access to the Veri app but does not include CGMs, which must be purchased separately)

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Why Nutrisense Is the Better Solution for Overall Health

While Veri and Nutrisense each provide members with dietary support and educational content, the personalized 1:1 support from trained and credentialed nutritionists is what sets Nutrisense apart. Interpreting glucose data can be tricky and applying it in highly personalized ways to each individual’s health goals with consideration of health history and other data alongside is crucial. 

With Nutrisense, members receive one month of free nutritionist support with the ability to upgrade or extend this support at any time for an additional monthly fee. This personalized guidance not only helps you better understand your glucose levels, but doesn’t stop there.

Nutrisense nutritionists go beyond glucose data alone to help you understand how many different variables in your diet and lifestyle are impacting your health goals over time. They’ll also provide you with a realistic and sustainable plan to work toward these goals.


Discover the joys##of food freedom not food restriction##, with our CGM program.