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Nutrisense: A Better Levels Alternative. Here's Why

If you found this article, chances are that you’ve gone above and beyond to reach your health and fitness goals already. The desire is there, and you may even have a background in fitness and dieting. You also probably know that your blood glucose level is a vital sign and Continuous Glucose Monitors are the key to understanding your body’s response to various lifestyle factors.

Considering the options available, you may have a hard time choosing which program is worth your time. You can probably guess that we’re partial to our own program—and that’s true. We stand by our services and truly believe that we’re offering the best program for the best price. Don't believe us? Check out the benefits and advantages of our CGM program.

However, we also want to be as honest as possible with our potential members. That’s why we’re presenting this side-by-side comparison with one of our competitors to show you exactly what you would be getting from both brands.

Nutrisense vs. Levels: A Side by Side Comparison



Long-term plans at discounted rates

No additional annual fee

Several membership plans

Real-time glucose monitoring

Meal composition data and tracking

1 month FREE Registered Dietitian Support

Why Should You Choose Nutrisense?

This is a quick snapshot of the differences between NutriSense and Levels. As you can see, both programs involve wearing a CGM, tracking your glucose levels, and observing how your daily habits affect you.

All of that said, there are some pretty clear differences between Nutrisense and Levels. Let’s discuss some of the most major ones.

Nutrisense Stands Out with One Month Free Dietitian Support

With Nutrisense, members have access to a personal Registered Dietitian. Diets are varied for a reason. Different people process things in different ways. Considering this, having someone on-call to explain the specifics along the way is invaluable. Nutrisense covers the first month of dietitian support for new members. After their first month members can extend dietitian support for an additional fee.

Nutrisense App: Chat with a personal dietitian

More Variety in Plans

Another critical difference is the choices each service offers.

Levels offers just one annual plan for its subscribers. However, Nutrisense allows subscribers to pick from a few different options. Not convinced? That’s okay—you’ll only be on the hook for three months if you want to try it out. Completely sold on the service? Great—you can commit to a year and save more money in the process.

What Our Members Say


Meredith Standrige

"I knew I wanted to keep using the CGM because when I didn’t have it, I missed it! . . . the 12 months is like a yearly gym membership. It made more sense, cost-wise, to sign up for the 12-month commitment."


Benjamin Langstraat

"What I ate and when I ate got a better, renewed focus with Nutrisense's CGM program, whereas before, I was just trying to eat less food to lose weight."


Sara Duffy

"For me, the best part was having agency again over my health. Being able to visualize and see in real-time what my diet, lifestyle, and exercise habits were doing gave me such a sense of healthy control."

What Nutrisense Does Better: A World Class App

In addition to getting one month free Dietitian support and more flexible pricing options, you also get much more than a glucose value reading from the Nutrisense app.

The Levels app will show you changes in your blood sugar sure enough, but the Nutrisense app does much more than that. Aside from glucose, the CGM and app combo will give you readings on ketone and macro values.

Ketones are the end result of fatty acids breaking down in your system. Macros, shorthand for macronutrients, is the umbrella term for proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. Having an app that displays values for each of these results in a more well-rounded tool for your wellness goals.

The Nutrisense app also includes advanced analytics. With the CGM providing data every 15 minutes, you can use your app to track your glucose values over seven-day, 14-day, and 30-day periods. This is truly a world class app.

Nutrisense App: Glucose Chart


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