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I'm Moving. Week 7 using NutriSense

October 7, 2021
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Hello and welcome back to week 7 of my NutriSense journey! My name is Logan, and I am the Content Manager here at NutriSense. As I’ve said in the past, my intention for this program is to be 100% transparent. This means I will be honest with both the good and the bad progress I make. This has been tough. Not only have I been traveling quite a bit and celebrating holidays, birthdays, and a wedding, this week, I moved out of my home and in with my girlfriend. Of course, moving always throws life into chaos, and this week was no different. 


The combination of not having a kitchen set up and constantly being on the move resulted in me eating a lot of “junk“ food this week. For the most part, I just wanted to grab something as quickly as possible to continue to work and move. So, some days I grabbed easy-to-go meals from fast food joints and cheated on my diet commitments. I find it a lot easier to stick to regular eating habits when I am cooking. Eating on the go doesn’t come easily when you are looking for speed. 

My Peloton was packed away for the move. As a result, I did not stick to my workout regimen this week. It seemed that all of the packing, lifting, and unpacking helped to balance out my lack of formal exercise, though. With the way that I ate, I expected to see high spikes in my glucose. We’ve talked before about how movement can help regulate your glucose levels, and I think that all of the activity from the move helped keep my levels in a reasonable range. 

I was only able to consult with Carlee briefly this week. She taught me about the relationship between stress and sleep schedules with your glucose levels. Glucose levels aren’t only linked to the food you eat; they are also affected by stress levels caused by emotional and physical circumstances and even by your sleep. 

When stressed, your body will essentially cushion itself by ensuring that enough sugar is available to be turned into energy. Your insulin levels will fall, and your adrenaline levels will rise. This results in more glucose being released from your liver. When that happens, your growth hormone and cortisol levels rise, which causes your body to ignore your insulin levels. This results in higher glucose levels in your bloodstream. 

Regarding sleep, deviating from your normal pattern can cause a reaction in your body that will cause your glucose levels to spike because it [again] wants to store sugar for energy. While I did feel overwhelmed this week, I still managed to stick to my standard sleeping patterns.

Monday [Day]: 1354 kCals 

I had a bagel for breakfast and tacos for lunch.

Tuesday: 1574 kCals

I had an Egg McMuffin and hash browns for lunch on the go in the moving truck and a Chipotle burrito for dinner from Postmates. 

Wednesday: 1959 kCals

For lunch, I stopped and grabbed a cheeseburger and fries, and for dinner, I had grilled chicken and noodles. 

Thursday: 994 kCals

Lunch was chicken tacos on the go, and dinner was grilled chicken and broccoli. 

Friday: 1169 kCals

For breakfast, I had eggs and bacon, and for dinner, I ordered chicken fried rice. 

Saturday: 0 kCals 

I did not log anything on Saturday due to how busy the move made us.

Sunday: 912 kcals 

For lunch, I had a turkey sub, but I didn’t log my dinner. 

Moving Forward

This week I was concerned that my poor diet and the level of stress that I was under to work and move at the same time would be very detrimental to my progress. However, my body seems to react very well to movement around my meals, and I think that the amount of activity I was doing this week helped me stay on track even though I was “cheating” on my commitments.

I feel like this week was a bit dud, and I am feeling out of balance and out of routine going into the following week. However, I am relieved that I didn’t see any extreme spikes in my levels, and I didn’t gain any weight back either. Now that my kitchen is getting unpacked and set up again, I’m eager to get back to my schedule again this coming week and continue moving towards my goals. 

If you want to dig into my “confessions” this week, click the video above to check out this week’s vlog. I’ll see you next week to check back in after setting my kitchen back up and getting back on track! 

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