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$150 off 3+ month plans with code APRIL150
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Free shipping & prescription with all orders
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How it works

Learn how your body responds to the foods you eat.

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Nutritionist Support

Learning good habits is hard. Your personal nutritionist will help you make lasting changes, and enjoy the process.
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Continuous Glucose Monitor data

Understand how your body reacts to food, sleep, stress, and other factors with a Continuous Glucose Monitor.
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Nutrisense™ App

What gets measured gets managed. Track your data to keep yourself accountable, set experiments, and achieve your goals.
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What is a CGM?

Experiment with....eating windows, workout regimens, & macronutrient balance.
Nutrisense.... arms.... you with the tools to understand what makes your body tick and make changes that work for....you.

Nutrisense arms.... you with the tools.... to understand what makes your body tick and help you make changes that work for....you.


Optimize your metabolism with data insights and personalized nutritionist support.

A woman stretches her left shoulder wearing Nutrisense CGM tracking device on her upper left hand available in nutrisense.io

Improve your

Nutrisense customer preparing meal guided by Nutrisense dietitian

your response
to food

A woman holding dumbbell with her left hand wearing Nutrisense CGM tracking device available in nutrisense.io

good habits

Meet your
personal nutritionist.

Your nutrition coach starts with you during your first week,  helping you understand your data and how to get the most from it.

NutriSense Dietitian

Cindy Qu


Motivational Interviewing

NutriSense Dietitian

Molly Downey


Sports Nutrition

A passport picture showing female Nutrisense dietitian named Kendra Taylor

Kendra Taylor


Clinical Nutrition

NutriSense Dietitian

Carlee Hayes


Bariatric Nutrition

NutriSense Dietitian

Cheri Bantilan


Functional and Integrative Nutrition

Emma Nutrisense Dietitian

Emma Lonergan


Weight Management & Healthy Lifestyle

Kristen Nutrisense Dietitian

Kristen Harmon


Sports Nutrition & Cognitive Nutrition

Jennifer Birge


Weight Loss, & Menopause

Nutrisense Dietitian Heather Davis

Heather Davis


Women's Health & Neuroendocrine Disorders

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    Real-time glucose

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    Glucose response to meals

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    Fasting and meal timing

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    Physical activity and exercise routines

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    Stress and sleep

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    Habits and routines

A CGM is a small device that stays on the back of your arm and monitors your glucose values 24/7. Use a CGM to track:

Hear from Nutrisense members who are on their weight loss journey

Stuart Tutler

Stuart Tutler

I think the Nutrisense CGM program is a great value for what you're getting. Especially since you can also talk to a dietitian while using the service.

Oct 29, 2022
Linda Simmons

Linda Simmons

A lot of people talk about the health and wellness journey but rarely live it.

I’ve been lucky enough to live it with the help of Nutrisense. It’s such an incredible service and I wouldn’t trade it for anything!

Feb 16, 2023
Meredith Standridge

Meredith Standridge

I knew I wanted to keep using the CGM because when I didn’t have it, I missed it! . . . the 12 months is like a yearly gym membership.

Jan 4, 2023
Jennifer B.

Jennifer B.

Amazing work team Nutrisense. I’ve had so much success in just the past month alone lowering my glucose spikes and generally just feeling better.

Oct 4, 2022
Amanda Seitz

Amanda Seitz

Just knowing that I had real-time access to witness my blood glucose response would give me the willpower to resist . . . It was fun and definitely helped keep me on track with my goals.

Jul 13, 2022
Sara Duffy

Sara Duffy

For me, the best part was having agency again over my health. Being able to visualize and see in real-time what my diet, lifestyle, and exercise habits were doing gave me such a sense of healthy control.

Jan 13, 2022
The Journey

While each person....is unique, here's what a typical member journey....looks like at Nutrisense.

Male hands holding Nutrisense package box found at nutrisense.io

2 weeks


A woman practicing lower body stretches exercise wearing Nutrisense CGM tracking device available in nutrisense.io

1 month


A man eating grape fruits with a fork while holding a bowl of fruits

3 months


Person holding iphone with Nutrisense app

6 months


A woman doing exercise wearing Nutrisense CGM tracking device available in nutrisense.io

12 months

Lasting changes

Our innovative programs have changed lives and made headlines.

What our
members have to say.


Benjamin Langstraat

“What I ate and when I ate got a better, renewed focus with Nutrisense's CGM program, whereas before, I was just trying to eat less food to lose weight. So I'm down about 80 pounds from December 2021 to June 2022…I feel the best I’ve ever felt, and I've made better lifestyle choices. It's the right way to do it.”


Charlotte LaGuardia

“I think using a CGM provides more than accountability; it’s information! These data points and experiments help us learn about our bio-individuality, which help us make more informed decisions in the future.”


Gayle Pagano

“I lost over 19 pounds in less than a year with Nutrisense, and I’m working on getting another 35 or so off. Inches are disappearing now too, and my clothes are fitting better. I’m thrilled!”


Shaye Reynolds

“Using the CGM has been such a great experience. I am keenly aware of what I eat and how it affects me without being overly obsessed with it . . . I would wear the CGM indefinitely if I could.”