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NutriSense App vs the FreeStyle LibreLink App: A Comparison Guide

August 17, 2021
Reviewed By
Kara Collier, RDN, LDN, CNSC

How should you choose an app for a technology that’s only recently been made available to a broad consumer audience? The choice can be daunting, but rest assured we have got you covered. Read on to learn the pros and cons of two of the leading choices in continuous glucose monitor (CGM) companion apps.

The NutriSense App vs. Freestyle Libre’s LibreLink: Glucose Monitoring App Comparison

LibreLink is a bog-standard app that comes with the FreeStyle Libre CGM device. It certainly gets the job done. The NutriSense app has a broader range of features and can also be used with other devices if you ever switch from the FreeStyle Libre.

NutriSense CGM App vs LibreLink

Most CGM companion apps will focus on blood glucose levels. However, what we think gives NutriSense an advantage is the ecosystem of services and information around that single number. A suite of calculations and trends pop up automatically whenever you add a new meal item to the tracker, for example. We’ll get into the details in this section, and we hope you’ll agree that our offering is data dense in the same way our food recommendations are nutrient-dense!

Hardware Compatibility and Device Portability

NutriSense works with more than one type of hardware, so if you decide to switch, you can take your NutriSense app data and a dedicated dietitian with you. CGMs tend to last from 7-14 days, so this can make even temporary switches easier depending on your circumstances. If you use the LibreLink app, however, if features are added specifically for the Freestyle Libre, you can be sure that future changes will be made with that specific product in mind.

User Interface

Although we’re biased towards our beautiful green on black color scheme, there are more features that we think are worth your attention. Our high contrast and adjustable settings are also helpful, and those of us with less than perfect vision can see it without our glasses or contact lenses. The interface is also customizable to display the data you find most useful on your dashboard. The LibreLink app lets you make some personalized changes to how the information is displayed, but perhaps the most helpful feature is the set of alarms you can program. You can set an alarm for an exceptionally high blood glucose level, which you can program as you see fit, or you can program a warning for very low glucose levels. You can also have the app trigger an alarm for when it loses connectivity to the CGM.

Links Between Data

Much more data is associated with a respective food source, and it’s all seamlessly integrated into our app. Sleep start and end times and instances of high stress can be added manually within the NutriSense app. LibreLink will show you time in range, or the total time out of a 24-hour period in which your blood glucose levels were within a healthy set of parameters.


As mentioned above, one of the core features of NutriSense is that you can share your data with a Registered Dietitian, but you can also send your data to whomever you choose and on your terms. Although LibreLink allows you to share your data, you need to download and activate a second app to do so. Once you connect LibreLinkUp, you can share data normally.

Expert Advice

Where the difference lies, however, is that NutriSense connects you directly to a Registered Dietitian who follows your blood glucose levels throughout the day and offers actionable advice on how to manage them optimally. We think the best traveling companion for your health and wellness journey is a trained expert helping you make sense of it all. Our app gives you a range of data, and your advisor can develop a plan alongside you for the best possible wellness outcomes.

The NutriSense App vs. the LibreLink App: Quick Comparison Overview

In conclusion, there are surely use cases for both apps, but we believe NutriSense offers the better choice for a broader range of people.

The LibreLink App Might be Best for…

People who want to stick with the LibreLink CGM and have updates explicitly tailored for that device and who only want a basic set of features will be best off sticking with the dedicated companion app. In terms of sharing your data with a relative or healthcare provider, there is no significant difference other than the added inconvenience of using the second app.

NutriSense Apps are Best for…

Everyone else – with the NutriSense app, you can really dig into your data and see trends and connections you might not have realized were there. With your expert advisor, you can have professional insight into how your body handles its fuel, optimizing a nutrition plan for holistic health management and wellness.

Pricing Comparison

For the FreeStyle Libre, you need a prescription, and prices vary after that. Through NutriSense, you benefit from our scale and referral network, so your prices are low and stable for as long as you want new CGMs.

Try NutriSense with Your FreeStyle Libre CGM to Get Started with Your Very Own Dietitian

Continuous glucose monitors (CGM) have been used in diabetic populations for many years and have been considered safe and effective by the FDA. NutriSense offers, for the first time, the same CGM technology for the public to use alongside Registered Dietitians. For populations in which a CGM would not be officially medically indicated, it can work wonderfully and be helpful for monitoring purposes. NutriSense CGMs come with an innovative app that lets you track your blood glucose levels, and every meal is different. A specific food’s effect on a person’s blood glucose levels is also changed by how it is prepared and what other foods are eaten. Different people also eat different amounts of food, so having an individual readout of your blood glucose levels can be effective.

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