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How Four Top Nutrition Experts Streamlined Their Habits

July 23, 2021
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Kara Collier, RDN, CNSC

Can monitoring your blood sugar levels change the way you look at your health and fitness journey? We looked into four top nutrition and fitness experts to see how Continuous Glucose Monitors have changed the way they looked at their daily lives. While using the CGMs, they were able to see how their blood glucose levels responded to the food they ate, exercise, stress, and sleep, allowing them to maximize every step of their unique processes.

Perfecting Ketosis

Mary Alexander is a cookbook author and keto guru from Texas. She has been utilizing a keto lifestyle since giving birth to her son in 2016 and has been documenting her weight loss journey with the world. She believes that blood sugar levels are a key factor in weight loss and maintenance and has been sporting her Continuous Glucose Monitor since earlier this year to streamline her diet and habits.

The Continuous Glucose Monitor is built to help you understand what your blood glucose numbers mean in order to balance your diet and the foods that you should be eating to reach your desired weight and fitness level. Using the CGM, Mary was able to perfect her diet to reach optimal states of ketosis for her dietary needs.  

“The easiest way to do this is with a CGM (continuous glucose monitor). This knowledge is power. It has been a game changer for me and I highly recommend it. Might change your life.” - Mary Alexander

Help Your Body Work Smarter, Not Harder

NutriSense’s Continuous Glucose Monitor is designed to discover your body’s ideal diet and help you interpret your body’s response to the foods you put into it. Maria Liguori is a certified holistic health coach, environmental engineer, and mother. Her goal is to help other women heal their relationships with their bodies and the food they eat while building a life of sustainability. 

Maria’s goal while using the CGM was to streamline her smart decisions at the time of day that her body was most receptive. She teaches others, through her research, how to not only eat healthy, but how to create “smart” habits in all areas of life. Using the Continuous Glucose Monitor, Maria was able to see how every step of her daily routine was affecting her body and happily found that her habits and diet were balancing her blood sugar levels as she had hoped! 

“I am excited to start my second 2 weeks [of using the CGM].  Who else loves health data?!” -Maria Liguori 

Reclaiming Your Health

One way high blood glucose levels can occur is when you intake too much sugar and it is absorbed into your bloodstream. Paul Saladino, MD is the author of the bestselling book The Carnivore Code.  Animal based foods are low in sugars and contain high amounts of protein and vitamins. People with an autoimmune disease,  high blood sugar, and excess weight often find their symptoms improved with carnivore based dieting. He and his team teach people how to use the wisdom passed down by our ancestors that lived off the land. Paul teaches his followers how to source food from regenerative farms where animals are raised with gratitude, happiness, and respect.

Paul believes that the nutrients we put into our body have the biggest effect on our well-being and that animal based foods are the most nutrient rich foods on the planet. His goal while using the CGM  was to collect hard data proving that eating like our ancestors' way of eating helped them to be stronger and healthier into their old age. 

“Animal foods are the most nutrient-rich on the planet. They nourish your body completely. And they’re a must have in your diet if you want health and vitality!” - Dr. Paul Saladino

Weight Loss

Different types of carbohydrates can affect your body differently. Everyone is unique and are more sensitive to some types of carbohydrates such as rice, bread, and pasta. Kelly Hogan lives a fully carb free life and practices a totally plant free, carnivore based diet. Kelley began her journey in 2015 and has not only lost weight, but has streamlined her life and the lives of many others that have decided to eliminate carbohydrates from their diet. 

Kelley used the Continuous Glucose Monitor to better understand her foods, weight changes, and hunger cues. Her goal is to help others experience the same freedom that she has after her doctor recommended cutting carbs from her life. Having hard data available to her via the CGM monitoring app, she has been able to share the proof that her carb-free lifestyle is a potential option for those looking to lose weight.

“So it certainly wasn’t *necessary* for me to get a CGM...but I’ve recently discovered that they’re fun! (REALLY FUN!) And even as a long-time Carnivore, I’ve found the data to be useful to understanding my own hunger cues, sleep, stress, and even weight changes.” -Kelly Hogan

Everyone is Unique

Everyone’s body is different and responds to food, sleep, stress, and fitness in different ways. NutriSense gives you the tools and knowledge you need to understand what makes your body tick and make changes in your habits that work for you. The Continuous Glucose Monitor is painless and can be worn 24/7 while storing your data in the NutriSense app. Start your journey to becoming the best version of yourself with the NutriSense team and discover what your body truly needs.

Everyone’s body is completely unique to them and it requires detailed understanding to develop a healthy and maintainable lifestyle. The NutriSense program is designed to give you the tools and education that you need to be your healthiest version of you.

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