Unlock Your

Body's Data

Analyze how your body responds to food, exercise, stress, and sleep in real-time.

Optimize Your

Daily Performance

NutriSense arms you with the tools needed to experiment with eating windows, workout regimens, and macronutrient balance to understand what makes your body tick.

The Continuous

Glucose Monitor

All plans include 1 or 2 CGM devices per month. We handle the prescription for you!

A CGM is a small device that stays on the back of your arm and measures your glucose values 24/7. Insertion is painless, and the device can be worn in the shower, while working out, and while doing any of your normal daily activities.

The NutriSense App

The app is free to use forever with any of our plans. Track all aspects of your lifestyle in one place:

• Real-Time Glucose Tracking

• Meal Composition Data
• Fasting and Meal Timing
• Physical Activity, Stress, and Sleep
• Habits and Routines

Our Team of 

Expert Dietitians

All plans include complimentary dietitian support.

Data can be tricky. That’s why trained experts can work through it with you, ensuring you understand the results and can optimize your glucose to meet your health goals.

Our trained dietitians can support any dietary lifestyle you follow.

What People Say

Grace Miller

“It is really fantastic to have real time information and be able to talk that over with Kara!! That combination has made it so much easier to reach my goals.”

Kim Wicks

“Again thank you all for this service please share my happiness!! So much learned in so little time compared to the three years I’ve been stumbling around on my own..”

Jimmy Davis

“I need the CGM in my life. It will be good to be back on the platform. There is something about the data and the accountability that is invigorating.”

Ryan McCan

“I want to thank you so much for all your help. You really made me feel like a priority and that’s very rare nowadays especially in an app setting like this.”

Brent Johnson

“You guys rock and are changing my life. Thank you so much!”

Susan Tenney

“All humans should have this irrefutable in your face feedback data to learn from. It would change the world. Don't think I am exaggerating.”

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