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Our dietitians love working with our members and are passionate about helping them understand how a CGM can fuel them towards attaining their unique health goals.

All NutriSense dietitian coaches are trained and specialize in utilizing glucose data to optimize your metabolic health. Our dietitians will break down your data and share actionable insights to help you perform your best.

Personalized dietitian support is free for 30 days when you first sign-up for the NutriSense program.

No waitlist - we are serious about helping people reach their health goals when they are ready. After 30 days, you can continue our industry-leading dietitian service for $50 per month.

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Dietitian services in-app chat

NutriSense In-App Chat

It's easy and convenient to chat with your assigned dietitian in the NutriSense app. Reach out as often as you want or need. Dietitians typically reply within 24 hours on weekdays.

NutriSense dietitians will proactively contact you via the app chat to share what they see in your data, offer suggestions, and take time to chat with you to learn more about your goals.

Initially, when you get started with NutriSense your dietitian will reach out to you weekly (at a minimum). If you reach out daily, your dietitian will communicate with you daily. If you prefer less often you can do that too.

Your dietitian's focus is to help you improve your glucose data and become a glucose expert yourself.
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Customized Diets and Lifestyle Plans

Exercise and nutrition plans should never be "one size fits all." Our dietitians will partner with you to develop solutions best suited for your body, your lifestyle, and your health concerns. Our Dietitians Focus on:
  • Nutrition Education
  • Motivational Coaching
  • Reading and Interpreting CGM Data
  • Finding New Eating Approaches
  • Accountability for Members
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Meet the NutriSense Dietitians

Kasey B. - Dietitian
Molly D.

Molly Downey, RDN, LDN is a licensed dietitian nutritionist who grew up in the suburbs of Chicago and graduated from Indiana University-Bloomington with a degree in dietetics. Growing up, she was always involved in athletics and loved all things related to health and wellness. Through her personal health struggles, she became increasingly interested in preventative health and the powerful impact that food has on our wellbeing. She uses her experience and passion to help others reach their greatest health potential.

Kasey B. - Dietitian
Bahar B.

From an early age, Bahar has had a deep interest in nutrition. She became a Registered Dietitian after graduating with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nutrition from the University of Alberta and completing her dietetic internship in clinical and community nutrition with Alberta Health Services. She has a history of working as a clinical outpatient dietitian with a focus on prevention and chronic disease management. She believes in evidence-based, individualized care and the value of personalizing nutrition to suit the needs and goals of the client.

Kasey B. - Dietitian
Cheri B.

Cheri has always been interested in preventive health and the strong influence that diet can have on a person's well being. After receiving her Master's degree at the University of Utah in Integrative Physiology and Nutrition, Cheri became a registered dietitian. Cheri has a strong interest in functional and integrative nutrition. Her philosophy is based on providing solid nutrition education to help individuals reach their health goals and to equip them with the needed knowledge moving forward. She emphasizes the importance of exploration and using your own body (symptoms, energy, mood, labs, CGM data) to find what your personal optimal is.

Kasey B. - Dietitian
Kasey B.

With a degree in Dietetics and Master’s Degree in Food Science and Nutrition, Kasey has over 10 years of experience working with people of all ages to help along their health journey. Her career as a dietitian has included working with low income families as well as in the clinical sector at dialysis clinics and hospice facilities. Most of her time was spent at a health and fitness spa and resort where she worked alongside an integrative healthcare team. This experience led her to become an Integrative and Functional Nutrition Certified Practitioner and a Board Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics.

Kasey B. - Dietitian
Jordyn W.

After getting a bachelor’s degree in biology from the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, Jordyn completed a graduate degree in Human Nutrition at the University of Wisconsin-Stout. She then went to the Memphis VA Medical Center to fulfill her dietetic internship requirements. Jordyn’s background is in clinical nutrition, and she has experience working as a clinical dietitian at a VA medical center specializing in oncology as well as at the Mayo Clinic working with a wide range of patients ranging from neonates in the NICU to adult ICU. She is a Registered Dietitian and maintains her board licensure in the state of Minnesota.

Kasey B. - Dietitian
Cindy Q.

Cindy obtained her Bachelor and Master of Science in Dietetics and Human Nutrition from McGill University in Montreal, Canada. She has worked in clinical nutrition in both Canada and the US for over 10 years, adding Certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialist to her Registered Dietitian credentials. She held management roles in her last two hospitals, and has also explored the competitive field of nutrition sales. Cindy is skilled at Motivational Interviewing, and is able to develop relationships quickly with her clients.

Kasey B. - Dietitian
Heather D.

Heather has worked in the field of healthcare and nutrition for over 15 years, with bachelor's degrees in Microbiology and Philosophy and a master's degree in Nutrition Science. Her professional background includes nutrition and diabetes research, nutrition education, medical writing, and extensive clinical work in a functional neuroendocrine specialty practice. Knowing that no two people are the same and the principle of biochemical individuality rules all, she believes in customized and integrative approaches to metabolic medicine and nutrition therapy that appreciate the complexity and unique needs of each person.

Kasey B. - Dietitian
Marissa K.

After completing my master’s degree in nutrition and dietetics, I returned to Durango, Colorado, where I’ve worked as an outpatient dietitian, in diabetes education, as a nutrition coordinator for a non-profit, in integrative medicine, with athletes, and most recently in private practice. I love working with folks one-on-one to nurture frustrations, celebrate successes, and find practical ways to work towards health goals.

Kasey B. - Dietitian
Jillian C.

Jillian completed her Dietitian Internship from the University of Delaware in 2017. After her internship she worked for a healthcare system in New Jersey. She worked in a Community Health Program that served fresh and affordable produce to food insecure communities. Her role as a dietitian was to educate on nutrition and cooking. Jillian’s philosophy is a client-centered approach. The client is in the driver's seat and she is there to guide. She understands that each person has their own unique psychological and biological needs. She helps her clients find what foods and lifestyle practices work best for their individual needs.

Kasey B. - Dietitian
Christina W.

Christina has a 10-year background in integrative health coaching, education, and entertainment. In addition to being both a dietitian and health coach with much life experience, she has created and implemented health and fitness programs and has written blogs for health and wellness companies. After losing her mom to cancer and experiencing many debilitating health disorders herself, she developed a passion for health promotion and disease prevention.

Kasey B. - Dietitian
Marie F.

Marie’s interest in the human body, and subsequent career path in Dietetics, grew from injuries sustained while participating in high school athletics. She began her profession as a clinical outpatient Dietitian in Southern IL, overseeing 5 healthcare clinics. She believes knowledge is power, which drove her to design and instruct patient, employee, and community wide programs, ranging from grocery store tours to strength training sessions. During this time she also competed in 5 bodybuilding shows, turning Pro Bikini in 2017 and placing top 10 at the world championships.

Kasey B. - Dietitian
Elizabeth M.

Liz received her Master of Science degree in Clinical Nutrition and Integrative Health in 2017 and is a board-certified nutrition specialist (CNS) as well as a licensed dietitian nutritionist (LDN). She worked in private practice counseling patients in a wide array of health concerns before coming to NutriSense to pursue her interest in helping patients achieve optimal glucose tolerance and metabolic health. In her time as a nutritionist, Liz has educated and counseled 100s of clients in areas such as weight loss, hormonal imbalances, and gastrointestinal diseases. Her approach is rooted in the tenants of functional medicine.

Kasey B. - Dietitian
Ani M.

Ani completed her undergraduate degree at Miami University in 2015, then went on to complete her dietetic internship at Louisiana Tech University in 2016. She’s worked in a variety of settings, including public health, retail, research, and outpatient counseling. Through the Integrative and Functional Nutrition Academy (IFNA) training, she gained the knowledge and skills to bring an n=1 approach to her work as a real food dietitian. Ani aims to honor each individual with a personable, practical, root-cause-focused approach to achieving their best overall health.

Kasey B. - Dietitian
Amy M.

Amy is a Registered Dietitian with over 15 years of experience in various settings such as clinical inpatient nutrition at teaching hospitals along with outpatient centers. She received her Bachelor's Degree from Rochester Institute of Technology in 2014 and Dietetic Internship at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey in 2015. She has pursued credentials throughout the years including Adult Weight Management Certification and Certified Nutrition Support Specialist. Amy's interest in CGM's and glucose management started with her own diagnosis of prediabetes several years ago in which she advocated for her own personal CGM. Her areas of expertise include glucose management with a specialty in helping those with prediabetes and diabetes make sustainable lifestyle changes.

Kasey B. - Dietitian
Catherine S.

Catherine is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist with a Masters in Nutrition Education from Columbia University. This is a second career for her, after having previously worked in the financial sector for several major global asset managers. However, her passion for nutrition, science and food found her wanting more than the financial world could offer and so she transitioned to become an RDN. She focused on taking those skills she learned in the high stakes corporate world to educating and helping her clients translate, understand and optimize their own health.

Kasey B. - Dietitian
Analeis M.

Ana was a very active child growing up, swimming competitively and dancing ballet. It wasn’t until her preparation for a fitness competition years later, however, that she started her journey into the world of nutrition. Seeing first-hand the importance of food for fueling the body, she settled on a career in nutrition and made her way to Washington State University (Go Cougs!) where she earned a M.S. in Nutrition & Exercise Physiology.

Kasey B. - Dietitian
Amanda D.

After growing up in south Georgia, Amanda relocated to Fort Worth, Texas due to a military move. She completed her undergraduate degree in Nutrition & Dietetics at Texas Tech University, then completed her dietetic internship and Masters Degree at Stephen F. Austin State University. After obtaining her Registered Dietitian Nutritionist credentials, she worked as the sole dietitian at an outpatient clinic for a major hospital in Fort Worth. During that time, she counseled patients living with HIV while teaching a diabetes class each month to hospital patients. Amanda's philosophy involves simple, practical strategies for fueling, performing, and recovering optimally to feel good inside & out.

Kasey B. - Dietitian
Katie K.

As a dietitian, Katie has had a diverse experience working in many areas of nutrition. Her experience includes working inpatient clinical, diabetes, sports nutrition, addiction, and wellness. Katie has experience with helping individuals who are just starting their personal health and fitness journey, casual exercisers, and competitive athletes resolve their questions and concerns about food, weight, and eating for energy. Katie also has experience navigating her own health and wellness journey after being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease when she was 28.

Kasey B. - Dietitian
Isra B.

Isra Bashiti is a registered dietitian nutritionist who grew up in Texas and graduated with a Master’s degree in Nutritional Sciences and Dietetics. She worked in the clinical setting for a few years as a Health Coach and Dietitian, focusing specifically on preventative health and community nutrition. She wholeheartedly believes in food as medicine, and in making simple, but impactful, lifestyle changes that not only prevent, treat, or manage disease, but that also create health.

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