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Liz McKinney, MS, CNS, LDN

Nutrisense Nutritionist
Nutrition Manager

Liz received her Master of Science degree in Clinical Nutrition and Integrative Health in 2017 and is a board-certified nutrition specialist (CNS) as well as a licensed dietitian nutritionist (LDN). She worked in private practice counseling patients in a wide array of health concerns before coming to NutriSense to pursue her interest in helping patients achieve optimal glucose tolerance and metabolic health. In her time as a nutritionist, Liz has educated and counseled 100s of clients in areas such as weight loss, hormonal imbalances, and gastrointestinal diseases. Her approach is rooted in the tenants of functional medicine, and she strives to get to the root cause of the issue instead of simply putting a Band-Aid on the symptoms. She realizes there is no one size fits all approach to achieving optimal health and feels it is crucial to be in an equal partnership with her clients.

Functional Nutrition, Metabolic Health, Weight Loss, Hormonal Balance
Liz McKinney, MS, CNS, LDN

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