Expert nutrition coaching to build personalized habits for your body

  • Our nutrition coaching program pairs you with a knowledgeable and supportive NutriSense Nutrition coach who will help you change your lifestyle to meet your health goals.
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What Nutrition Coaching Can Do for You

Optimize your nutrition, physical activity, stress, and sleep.

Personalized recommendations on meals, calorie intake & macronutrients.

Unlimited in-app chat communication with your Nutrition Coach.

What to expect in your first three months

  • Month 1: Using your data + meal log, compile an assessment of your nutrition status, learn glucose basics, and pinpoint your priorities
  • Month 2: Start seeing improvements in your body based on the changes you have made
  • Month 3: Build a long-term roadmap to keep the behavior changes and leverage your nutrition coach for accountability

There's a NutriSense Program fit for your health goals

Nutrition Coaching

  • Goal: Learn what you should and shouldn’t be eating to live a healthy lifestyle
  • Nutrition & diet focused based on your needs
  • Bonus: 1 free CGM during your first month
  • 3 month commitment, then month to month
  • Price: $175/month
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CGM Programs

  • Goal: Use your data to optimize your body with a CGM during the program
  • One month of complimentary Registered Dietitian support
  • Apply a new CGM every 14 days
  • Minimum commitment of one month
  • Price: Ranges from $200-$350/month
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