Understand Your Metabolism

Reach your health goals with real-time glucose data, expert dietitians, and powerful tools to track your progress.

We Are All Unique

Our bodies respond differently to everyday foods, there is no one-size-fits-all diet
Anne Larson
When Anne began to measure her glucose continuously, she realized that her morning cereal was the reason behind her lunch-time energy crash. By testing out a variety of ingredients, she was able to discover a substitute that she enjoyed, and which gave her the steady energy needed to get through the day.

Stop Guessing and Take Control

Don't blindly follow a fad diet, make informed decisions based on real-time data from your body
You can use our analytics dashboard to see how each meal affects your body. This will allow you to turn a generic diet into a diet tuned for your metabolism.

Small Changes Lead to Big Differences

Eliminating only 10% of foods from your diet can make 90% of the difference
You don't have to make extreme changes in your diet to reap the health benefits. Our tools and trained dietitians will help you zero-in on foods that are stopping you from achieving your health goals.

Learn About Your Body

See how stress, sleep, exercise, and meal timing affect your responses to food
You can use our app to experiment with eating windows, workout regimens, and macronutrient balance to understand what makes your body tick. We also provide you with a wide array of educational material to get you up to speed on current nutrition science.
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As a Cardiologist of 16 years, I thought that practicing a vegan diet was your ticket to health. To my astonishment I was prediabetic!

When Nutrisense offered me an opportunity to be part of a cohort to wear a CGM, I jumped on it. As a Cardiologist of 16 years, I thought that practicing a vegan diet was your ticket to health. To my astonishment I was pre-diabetic! Shocked and skeptical, I cross checked the information with the standard blood glucometer and found the device to be very accurate. To my surprise, my mostly vegan diet, with emphasis on carbs was not working for me. I realized that certain carbs resulted in very high sugar spikes. 

I began working with the Nutrisense team, who by the way are incredible, and changed my diet to include foods that worked better for me. Noticing that my fasting night time sugars were elevated, I also began focusing on stress management. Well, after 5 weeks, it worked. I am no longer seeing abnormal daytime spikes in my sugar and it is no longer in the 120s through the night. I feel energized, focused, and empowered. This has been a game changer for me. My hope is that this becomes available to everyone soon!

Dr. Ginette Gomez, DO