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Dial-In Your Health

Your body's blood glucose levels are a vital sign worth measuring and understanding. By using real-time feedback on your body's performance you can find out how to achieve your health potential.

Pairing a CGM with NutriSense over the course of a year allows you to receive real-time feedback on how your body reacts to your diet, exercise, stress and more.

Your CGM program is Built for You, by You and Your Dietitian.

See what you can achieve over a year on your journey to your health goals.

How Can a CGM Help You?

In 2 Weeks


  • Establish your baseline glucose levels
  • Meet your dietitian via the in-app chat
  • Understand the basics of glucose data
In 1 Month

Testing Your Norm

  • Use data to identify trouble areas
  • Understand what foods trigger abnormal levels
  • Start experimenting and learn simple hacks
In 3 months


  • Solidify plan to address habits & lifestyle
  • Establish a new eating plan for your body
  • Understand how stress, sleep, & exercise affect you
In 6 Months

Significant Progress

  • Use your data to stay motivated & accountable
  • Substantial weight loss
  • Set new health & metabolic goals
In 1 Year

Lifestyle Changes

  • CGM data continues to provide accountability
  • CGM reinforces choices for consistent behaviors

Instant Feedback

NutriSense CGM programs are driven by your body’s data and backed by science.  Utilize real-time feedback and dietitian support to guide healthier decisions and inspire lasting behavioral changes.
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