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Sarah Rupp, MS, RD, LDN

Nutrisense Nutritionist

Interested in how she could “be healthy” from a young age, Sarah recalls some of her favorite childhood memories were spent in the grocery store, reading food labels, and meal planning with her mom. Growing up, Sarah was a year-round athlete who experienced the direct impact of nutrition’s important role in performance. Upon obtaining a full leadership scholarship to Bowling Green State University, Sarah pursued a BS in Dietetics, as she believed the practicality of nutrition combined with the act of serving people was a beautiful union. Sarah completed her post-baccalaureate supervised practice with Baptist Health System in San Antonio, Texas, where she gained >1300 hours of clinical experience within various healthcare settings. Sarah received the intern award of distinction, Honors Graduate, and was hired as a clinical inpatient dietitian, shortly afterward obtaining her official credentials of RD. Sarah’s experience working in the hospital deepened her interest in the human body and opened her eyes further to the suffering many endured from complications of chronic diseases. Sarah’s dedication to continuous learning and growing led her to seek out additional opportunities, spending time exploring her deepest interest in the realm of nutrition—preventative health, and root-cause medicine. Sarah obtained her Masters of Science in Human Nutrition in 2022 and has future goals to obtain a specialization as a CDCES. Sarah would say she is most passionate about translating the science of nutrition into simpler, graspable terminology that is personalized to her patient’s/clients' specific goals.

Sarah Rupp, MS, RD, LDN