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Megan Gardner, MS, CNS, DCES, CPT

Nutrisense Nutritionist

Megan is a graduate of the National University of Natural Medicine with a Master of Science in Nutrition and went on to earn the gold standard in nationally recognized certifications and credentialed with the Board of Certified Nutrition Specialists (BCNS). While in clinical practice, Megan employed several integrative care modalities to treat cancer, autoimmune, diabetes and other chronic conditions. Megan worked closely with her patient’s interdisciplinary team to ensure comprehensive, complementary care using a functional medicine approach.Megan is a certified personal trainer and advanced practice Diabetes Care and Education Specialist (DCES) and is adjunct faculty for Portland Community College teaching bioscience, functional nutrition assessment and holistic nutrition therapy in the Functional Nutrition program.

Gastrointestinal Health & Autoimmune Conditions
Megan Gardner, MS, CNS, DCES, CPT

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