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Cheri Bantilan, MS, RD, CD

Nutrisense Nutritionist
Health Co-Ordinator Product Development

Cheri has always been interested in preventive health and the strong influence that diet can have on a person's well-being. After receiving her Master's degree at the University of Utah in Integrative Physiology and Nutrition, Cheri became a registered dietitian. Cheri has a strong interest in functional and integrative nutrition. Her philosophy is based on providing solid nutrition education to help individuals reach their health goals and to equip them with the needed knowledge moving forward. She emphasizes the importance of exploration and using your own body (symptoms, energy, mood, labs, CGM data) to find what your personal optimal is.

  • Functional and Integrative Nutrition
  • Brigham Young University: Bachelor of Science, Exercise and Wellness
  • University of Utah: Master's Degree, Nutrition and Integrative Physiology
Cheri Bantilan, MS, RD, CD