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Amanda Donahue, MS, RD, CD

Nutrisense Nutritionist
Nutrition Manager

Amanda Donahue, MS, RD, CD, is a Nutrition Manager at Nutrisense. She has a Masters in Dietetics from Stephen F. Austin State University and earned her undergraduate degree at Texas Tech University.

Originally from South Georgia, Amanda has a rich background in healthcare, having spent four impactful years as a dietitian at a Fort Worth, TX hospital, specializing in counseling individuals living with HIV before joining Nutrisense.

Amanda also has a lot of military influence in her life: her dad flew fighter jets in the USAF for 28 years, and her older brother is on active duty as a Marine. This has fueled her desire to serve this population by using her nutrition knowledge to focus on tactical performance and sports-related nutrition. Beyond her professional pursuits, Amanda enjoys spending quality time with her horse and dog.

Amanda embodies a holistic approach to health and wellness, whether unwinding with a hazy IPA or Cabernet Sauvignon while watching football or engaging in a robust weight-lifting or kickboxing workout.

  • Sports Nutrition
  • Tactical Nutrition
  • Stephen F. Austin State University: Master’s Degree, Dietetics and Clinical Nutrition Services
  • Texas Tech University: Bachelor’s Degree, Dietetics and Clinical Nutrition Services
  • Phi Upsilon Omicron Honors Society
  • Weatherford College: Associate’s Degree, General Studies
Amanda Donahue, MS, RD, CD