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Unlock Your Potential With The NutriSense App

Learn more about all of the app features included with your NutriSense membership that make it possible to discover and reach your health potential.  

The easy-to-use NutriSense app is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play.

See Your Glucose Levels In Real-time

glucose Tracking
Partnered with the CGM sensor on your arm, the NutriSense app opens up a new range of possibilities, by allowing you a way to visualize, analyze and make personalized adjustments based on your body's blood glucose reaction to diet, exercise, sleep, stress, and more.
Man and woman smilingGlucose levels in app dashboard
Glucose levels in app dashboard
Breakfast meal tracking
Dinner meal tracking
Meal Tracking in the NutriSense App

Stop Guessing & Take Control

Meal Tracking
Meal tracking allows you to see what foods cause energy crashes, blood sugar spikes, food cravings, and more.

The meal feedback score helps keep you knowledgeable and accountable for your body's needs.

Diets aren't one size fits all anymore. Tweak your diet to dial in what fuels your body.
Woman holding groceries on her phone

Registered Dietitians

All NutriSense members are assigned a registered dietitian (RD) that will work with you one-on-one. Our dietitians are passionate about glucose control analysis and love to help members understand their numbers and offer personalized diet, activity, or lifestyle suggestions based on your health goals.

Have questions about the glucose response data coming from your CGM? Reach out to your knowledgeable dietitian right in the in-app chat. Need someone to hold you accountable? Our dietitians can do that too.
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Woman exercising and tracking performance with CGM

Optimize Your Daily Health Performance

activity Tracking
Connect your activity to your blood glucose response. Learn why timing your exercise after meals matters to your body. Find out if your intense exercise program is causing your blood sugar levels to rise temporarily after you stop.

All of this biometric feedback allows you to make the changes your body needs to maximize your health potential.
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Calendar for habit tracking

Let Your Body Guide Your Habits

habit tracking
It takes at least 18 days to form a new habit and an average of 66 days for that habit to become automatic.

Tracking your habits allows you to hold yourself accountable. Seeing the impact your habits have on your body and how they may be preventing you from achieving your health goals, gives that final piece of the feedback loop you may need to make a change.
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Sleep tracking with NutriSense App

Improve Your Wellbeing

Sleep Tracking
Did you know it is common to see higher glucose levels during sleep? Want to find out what causes your glucose changes during the night?

Our bodies need sleep to recharge, make sure you're maximizing your rest potential every night.
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Woman stressed

Stress Levels Impact Your Glucose Levels

stress tracking
These days we all experience stress at some level. Whether it's work, family, or health-related, track your stress and see how it impacts your glucose levels, and work with a dietitian to get glucose spikes under control.
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Experiment tracking with NutriSense App

Make Changes That Work For Your Body

Experiment Tracking
Want to know how your body reacts to different fasting windows? Try it.

Want to try a new diet to lose weight, gain muscle, improve cardiac performance? Try it.

Experiments allow you to test out a variety of diets and macronutrient ratios and get quick verification on what is optimal for your body's performance.
CGM Educational Library

Educational Library

CGM Educational Library
You don't have to be a CGM or glucose expert when you first start with NutriSense. Our team of Registered Dietitians work hard to provide an expansive educational library.

Read thru a large library of FAQs, helpful health articles, app tips & tricks, and much more.

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