What you get when you become a Nutrisense member:

Nutritionist for

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CGM Device for Insights

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Mobile App for accountability

Nutrisense mobile app showing tracking activity
products available in nutrisense.io

Use a Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM) for

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    Real-time glucose

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    Glucose response to meals

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    Fasting and meal timing

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    Physical activity and exercise routines

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    Stress and sleep

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    Habits and routines

A CGM is a small device that stays on the back of your arm and monitors your glucose values 24/7. Use a CGM to track:

What our
members have to say


John Shackleton

"Although I thought I was in tune with my diet, I found there were quite a few habits I could identify that needed improvement if I wanted to optimize my health for the long term."


Leigh Reckner

"I think the Nutrisense CGM program is a great value for what you're getting. Especially since you can also talk to a nutritionist while using the service."


Meredith Standrige

"I knew I wanted to keep using the CGM because when I didn’t have it, I missed it! . . . the 12 months is like a yearly gym membership. It made more sense, cost-wise, to sign up for the 12-month commitment."


Gayle Pagano

“I lost over 19 pounds in less than a year with Nutrisense, and I’m working on getting another 35 or so off. Inches are disappearing now too, and my clothes are fitting better. I’m thrilled!”