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Is avoiding diabetes your top health priority right now?

Would you say you have a good understanding of how different foods affect your blood sugar, and what you should do to stay in range?

Have you put a lot of work into a long-term goal to lose weight, maintain your weight, or increase your energy level?

Have you already found what works for you, and do you manage to stick to it without too many ups and downs?

Does the following statement sound right?

I’m concerned about developing diabetes. I’m afraid that if I don’t do anything about it I will have major health issues later.

I’m hoping this will help me see my levels and how different foods affect me, so I can start to take control, and start to live a long healthier life.

Does the following statement sound right?

I basically know how foods affect me, but it’s hard to stay consistent with my diet.

Help me to see when my levels go out of range and to be held accountable, so I stay on track and have more peace of mind.

Does the following statement sound right?

I’ve gotten interested in learning about health. There’s something about my health or energy level that I don’t really understand.

Help me do experiments to prove how different foods and behaviors affect my body, mood, and energy level, so I can make decisions with data.

Does the following statement sound right?

I’ve done a lot of work to lose weight or increase my energy level. But I haven’t found something that works for me consistently - I have too many ups and downs.

Help me see how different foods affect me and especially help me track how I’m doing, so I can be help accountable and make progress on my long term goal.

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Do you have any chronic conditions?

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Has someone in your family had diabetes?

Do you feel exhausted after meals?

What type of coaching style do you prefer?

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