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Tarah Hoffman, MBA, RDN, LDN

Nutrisense Nutritionist

Tarah is a Chicago suburb-based dietitian who received her Bachelor of Science in Human Nutrition and Dietetics at Southern Illinois University. She then completed her dietetic internship and received her MBA in Healthcare Administration from Dominican University in River Forest, IL. Tarah worked for over 10 years in an ICU until realizing her passion was preventative medicine and helping people get and stay healthy. We all deserve to feel our best, and sometimes we need to peel away layers to get there. Every body is different, and Tarah works with you on your individual needs and goals to get you to optimal health. She feels it is important to educate on how your body works along with which foods and lifestyle factors are important to heal.

Gut Health, HPA Axis Dysfunction
Tarah Hoffman, MBA, RDN, LDN

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