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Analiese Gerald, MS, RDN

Nutrisense Nutritionist

Analiese is a registered dietitian currently located in Tucson, Arizona but is originally from Dallas, Texas. She earned both her undergraduate and Master's degrees in Human Nutrition from The University of Alabama, where she also completed the Coordinated Program in Dietetics. (Roll Tide!)Analiese started her career with the WIC program, where she provided nutrition counseling that focused on optimizing health for high risk pregnant/postpartum moms, infants, and children. Here at NutriSense, Analiese loves geeking out with members on the science behind nutrition and health, while also translating complex topics into realistic, actionable steps towards progress.

Chronic Disease Prevention/Management, Prenatal and Postpartum Health & Intuitive Eating
Analiese Gerald, MS, RDN

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